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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When will the cipralex start to effect

The doc said it will take 2 to 4 weeks for the pills to start have a positive effect, until then, it can also get worse...but thats normal, so take this into consideration, have patience and continue to take them even if nothing good happens in the first month...

but you will feel something (besides the side effects) i mean, something good, doesn't matter if you're taking it for depression or anxiety or for panic attacks, there are mild changes from day 2 you will notice, that will keep you going...



Just started on cipralex today and I already feel optimistic :) I did and saw a few things that made me happy.

I started on this medicine because of problems grieving the loss of a prominent relationship. It's been 2 months since it ended and my sorrow was getting worse and worse. Just to have taken a step towards healing has made me feel better.

The loss of my relationship (I think) was the catalyst for my depression that has been sitting there for so long, but I was unaware. Now that I know, I'm working to grow and heal it.

Thank you for your blog. Just from reading a few posts tonight it has already helped.