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About Cipralex Blog

Why am i writing this blog?

The answer is simple, to help you and to help myself.

If you're taking any kind of pill or dealing with depression, anxiety, phobia etc', you should write down everything that's going on, every change you notice, every mental and physical change, so you can learn from it and together with your doctor adjust things to make things better all the time.

Another reason that made me write this blog, is that when I first started I had many questions I couldn't or didn't want to ask my doctor, many small questions that pops up from time to time, like when I had headaches I didn't knew if could mix Advil or headaches pills with cipralex, or what to do in social situation when you just have to drink alcohol or wine, or what to do about the shaking and the jaws clenching, and more, you get the picture right?

Eventually I found out the hard way, I just had to try things and see what happens, so in a way I'm testing things out for you guys so you'' have some insight and information about those small stuffs here and there.

I wish you all a happy anxiety,depression and phobias free life, Peace and Love.
Do comment or email me with your experiences and questions It makes me feel like its worth keeping this blog a live.