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Side Effects

Cipralex Side Effects :
Here's a list of some common side effects reported with this medicine, how ever from my own experience i can tell you that most of them if not all will gradually disappear over time, more so some will never appear at all.:

  • Difficulty in sleeping (insomnia)
  • Confusion
  • Shaking, usually of the hands (tremor)
  • Disturbances of the gut such as diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain
  • Visual disturbances
  • Decreased appetite
  • Fever (pyrexia)
  • Dizziness
  • Alteration in taste
  • Seizures
  • Sleepiness (somnolence)
  • Nervousness
  • Sexual problems
  • Inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis)
  • Pain in the muscles and joints
  • Increased sweating
  • Rash or itching


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First of all, thank you for sharing those side effets, even though my doctor told me about them. I Will Start Cipralex tomorrow morning and I am very nervous about taking a drug probably for the rest of my life since i have delt with dépression and anti-depressant for the past 10 years. Has anyone been taking Cipralex for a while? How long does it take for the side effects to dissapear? Thank you in advance for your answers.

I've been on Cipralex for 2.5 years now. 2 years at 10mg, then 1/2 a year at 20mg. Depression is in my family history, and I expect to be on it for the rest of my life too. I've been happy with Cipralex & haven't had any reason to stitch.
The first week was pretty rough physically, but I noticed the effect on my depression within a few days. I personally had upset stomach, gas, and very tired and peeing was strange (like I couldn't find the right muscles), and shaking hands. After the first week it was much more manageable, and only took a few weeks to feel normal. I still have shaking hands, especially when I have coffee, and peeing isn't completely normal, but overall, the benefits totally outweigh the negatives.

my 18 year old daughter is on Cipralex and it has made a big difference in her anxiety levels. Having said that she does suffer from IBS type symptoms and has since age 15, the drug seems to be aggrevating this a little bit. That aside, without it, I don't think she could function at this point. When she doesn't take it, it is noticeable in terms of her inability to cope. Not big on daily meds but am thankful that this was made available to her when she needed something to help her cope.

I'm in my 5 week, if had just up my dose from 10 to 15 mlg and find that i am very tired and constantly wanting to nap. The anxiety is better but the depression is still around. I don't know if the Cipralex is causing more depression?? I lack the energy that I have had before. Interested to hear if you suggest to stay with Cipralex or change drugs??

thank you, great blog!!


Hi Peter,
I am only in my 5th day at 10 Mg a day and I have no enegy at all.I am also taking 325 mg tramacet for headaches. No results have kicked in yet so I am still hopeful. Very dry mouth, dizzy and confused mostly. Glad I am home. dont want to go out or see anyone anyway.

I've been on Cipralex for about 6 months now, only 10 mg per day, I went from taking it in am to taking it in pm so I'm not so tired all day. So it's hard to wake up for a few minutes each morning but now I got used to it and function well during the day. My biggest pet peeve about this med is how it really decreases my libido becausr I used to enjoy sex a lot.:) so sometimes I go off of it for 3-4 days and I feel more like I used to again. But

coming back on it is a bit like starting it over again, so

I'm not sure if it's wise to stop it like that. Also it helps me with my sleep since I was a great insomniac because of my anxiety before. So the price I pay I can live with most of the time since I have virtually no feelings of anxiety or depression now.

I'm on cipralex for my 3rd year, my
weight has been invrease from 58kg to 104kg. I don't think is worth is.

Weight gain is one of the worst things about this pill, it does work better than any other on the market, but its a real bugger to get off !

I've been on this drug for 4 months now. The dose is 10 mg. some posters are concerned about weight gain. However, I have a problem with loss of apetite, nausea, heartburn and vomiting. Since I started the medication I've been losing a lot of weight. I lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks. Should I be concerned?

ive been on cipralex for almost 3 years since i was diagnosed with postpardum after having my daughter. i have absolutely no sex drive anymore (which is very frusterating) but the change in my mood is like night and day! the pill really works well and ive been struggling with a "chemical imbalance" since high school so i`m glad i found something to help. i just wish there was something i could do about the sex life. my poor husband....

Hi All,

I have just taken my first Cipralex today (in the a.m.). To say that I am scared would be an understatement. I know nothing about depression (not in my family history) but indeed, I suffer from all the symptoms of depression. The psych said I was going to a "major depressive episode"

So, how I feel: mouth a bit dry, unusually WIRED (feel like I have to keep moving), and obsessing over finding information about depression, Cipralex, talking to people about my depression etc etc.

Basically the doctor said that I had dealt with A LOT this year (new city, new friends, intense work/studies, ending a relationship etc.) and it put me into this state.

However, it is all so new that I am not sure what to expect, if my life is going to end (i.e. I have to give up on EVERYTHING and only focus on the depression).

Its like all I can think about is getting better, learning more about it, etc. etc. but its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel which tells me that I will get back to normal one day.

Any comments, support, etc. is much appreciated! Thank you.

PS> My sex drive was REALLY low before taking the pill, the pysch said this was a sign of depression. I am worried how this may now be compounded with Cipralex.

I used to take Effexor for almost 7 years. It helped me a lot but I remember I stopped because I had to many side effects including no more libido/sex drive. My doctor prescribed me Cipralex this morning and I am waiting until next Monday to start taking it (have stuff to do this weekend and I know that if I start tomorrow morning, chances are that I'll feel like sh...for the weekend so I don't want that, lol). Anyhow, I am concerned about the libido/sex drive once again while taking this medication...Thank you all for your comments tho it helps to read that other people have the same problems or concerns. It feels good to see that we are not alone! Thanks to the author of the blog too. I will give you some news in few weeks if you want, on how I feel!

Yeah so I took half of a pill just like my doctor told me (5 mg). I took it Saturday...It's now Monday and I'm still sick as a dog! I have a terrible headache, diarrhea and not to mention that I had the feeling that I wanted to puke for at least 5 hours. My boyfriend rushed to the drugstore to buy me some Gravol on Sunday morning...I feel terrible and I only took half of a pill one time...Never again am I going to take another half. This is not good at all!

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I've been on Cipralex for about 3 months. I am on a 15 mg dosage. Cipralex is amazing. I always had anxiety, but I just thought that my nervousness was just a characteristic. Sometimes it would get so bad that I would get nasceous and throw up. However, I went on cipralex because of depression. I ended up going to the doctor on campus (I'm a university student) rather than my family doctor. That was a BIG mistake. It made me feel so wired. I have a friend with ADHD and she said that my behaviour was exactly like how hers was. When I went to my family doctor, she said that usually when she starts her patients on it, she tells them to take it easy ie. take time off work! Other than that, I haven't gained any weight. And I have insomnia. But usually when I fall asleep, I get a really good sleep. Unfortunately, my sleeps haven't been so good lately.

Oh, and another thing I forgot to add. I usually get motion sickness. I think a lot of it is because I am so worried about getting sick! I went on vacation overseas last summer, and was pretty much sick for the whole thing. A few weeks ago, I went to a family event in another province, and I found that I was able to have such a good time! Even my siblings who accompanied me on both vacations noticed the change. :)

I'm slowly getting off Cipralex after all the side effects were too much for me to handle. Anyone considering going on any psychotropic drugs, please do your self a favor and watch "The marketing of madness" documentary made in 2009. There are so many other ones to see, it will open your eyes as to why docs are pushing those drugs on us.

i'm ob my second day of taking this medication and i feel like a bag of dog shit. pardon my just really sucks.i was told what to expect but now that its happening its just too overwhelming.

Hello guys! Please listen: I´ve been on Cipralex for two years now! Half a year ago I decided to reduce it (Of course i talked to my doctor!) Coming down of Cipralex is HORRIBLE! Every doctor, who says you won´t get an addiction is a liar! I would advise try ALL alternatives before taking Cipralex!

I have been taking Cipralex for one year now. The first week was brutal but now I sleep well nearly every night. I experience a lot of vivid dreams but they are entertaining and not frightening. I am feeling much more myself than I had been the previous year. I had experienced the loss of one of the closest people in my life and had many other complications which became to much to handle. I feel like the Cipralex has helped for sure. I asked my doctor about going of of it and she said that she didn't think I should stop as I was copping so much better and that many of my stresses where still there.

Lately my moods have changed and I seem to be angry, yelling and behavour changes...which I don't like to see in me. Dr. appointment changed my pills from Cymbalta to Cipralex 10mg hope to see a positive change within the next few weeks.

I decided to stop taking cipralex after being 1 year on it because i felt strong enough and cured. Now i am facing some side effects like feeling dizzy, nausea and when i get upset i feel like i am going to lose control but completely in different way from that that i used to feel when i started the pills..will these feelings pass?or i should start again cipralex? (i have stopped taking it almost for one month, in the beginning i reduced the dose from 10 mg to 5mg and then completely stopped).

I have been on cipralex for about 3.5 years. It really made an incredible difference in my ability to cope with daily stress. I was going through a difficult period after numerous failed relationships and being a single mother with financial stress. So i would like to put the depression down to going through a truamatic life stage and i feel now that as much as Cipralex has helped me coped it is time to wean myself off it. I was on 10mg and then 5mg and now 2.5mg. I am then going to try 5htp or st Johns wort for a few months to see how it goes. 5htp is apparently really good and helps with mild to moderate depression.

by the way for those of you who dont know and are scared to try Cipralex please do try using 5htp or st johns wort first its natural with no side effects and not addictive.

I just started Cipralex yesterday. Within the first couple hours I go from dizzy spells, hot flashes, some shivering, and then the loopy giddy feeling. Hope this is normal! Other than that day 2 and I already feel the relieve of knowing things are going to change for the better!

I just started Cipralex yesterday. Within the first couple hours I go from dizzy spells, hot flashes, some shivering, and then the loopy giddy feeling. Hope this is normal! Other than that day 2 and I already feel the relieve of knowing things are going to change for the better!

i need some advice about starting cipralex. deathly afraid of the side effects but feel that I can no longer cope with my anxiety or depression. I can't live life like this anymore and need help. should i just take the cipralex and see if I see any changes in a few weeks? i can't stand it anymore and need to come out of this soon or I will go crazy!

I was really nervous too, but honestly the side effects I've had so far lasted 4 days and now I'm starting to level off and feel normal. I felt the way you did like if I didn't do something I was going to go INSANE! Try it, bear with the side effects for a couple days and if your like me you'll get through it and you'll feel NORMAL again!

I was on Cipralex for 10yrs, just weaned off of them, they saved my life, I did'nt find I had any side effects at all..I am feeling like I could strangle anyone who bugs me, been off of Cipralex for 1wk, hope this feeling goes away, or I will have to go back on them...for anyone who is afraid of side effects, I did'nt have any...

I am about to start Cipralex today because my anger and emotions have been so out of control. I almost feel like I am watching myself behave irrationally. I felt this way in high school and went out Citalopram which worked well but there was still something missing, I was still obsessing over things. My doctor tried me on Zoloft and so far I seem to be going no where with it, my body's reaction is becoming more depressed so today she switched me to Cipralex and I am hoping this is the answer!

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I just took my first pill yesterday, I have been on effexor 300mg for over 2 years..Not too sure what to expect, hoping for no withdraws, the dr said no but i guess we will see soon enough. I am glad I came across this blogg. the main reason why I was switched because i had no energy, no concentration, no will to do anything. Hopefully this will change for me.

started cipralex 6 days ago on 5mg and on day 6 I started on 10mg. so far the only side effect is that I'm tired and weak!!!! I can't even go out for long periods at a time and I always want to just lay down. my whole body feels like jello. i also started to feel dizzy for a few seconds throughout the day. overall, I have no energy. lack of appetite. but on the positive side, no more crying and not feeling depressed. the anxiety is still there but not crazy anxious. hopefully the weakness and dizziness goes away soon.....

I just started ciraplex yesterday because the doctor said I need something to calm my nerves. I am going through a divorce and from what I have read my condition is normal for this situation. On the second day of taking the pill I have had the sweats, a tingling throughout my body and a complete lack of energy that it is even hard to drive. I really do not like this feeling so I am going to stop taking it and learn how to cope. From all of the information that I have read I do not think this drug is for me.

I have been taking Cipralex since Feb 2012.....I went to several different doctors prior to taking this mediation and was told that I am having panic/anxiety attacks...I have had a bad 3 years with sicknesses in the family and now feel that everything is going to happen to me. Cipralex doesnt work immediately. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to start working...but in the meantime you should be given another medication like Xanax to keep you at ease at the beginning, because you usually get worse than better....I was having tingling/hot sensations on a daily basis and now after nearly 6 months I am having these sensations every 2 weeks approximately....I am feeling alot better, but not completely over everything...I feel I still have some time to go ahead of me. Dr told me that I may have to take them for 1 year and then gradually gradually start whoever decides to take them, from experience, give time for the mediation to react...Dont think it will make you better immediately. BE PATIENT.

I had been taking Cipralex (10 Mg) for 6 months. My Dr bumped me up to 20 Mg as I was still feeling depressed. After about 3 months at 20 mg, people starting asking if I was ok, because I had become like a zombie. The kids could run wild, and my business/work was suffering as I was totally unmotivated. All I wanted to do was sleep. I recently went back to the Dr, and she said that my need to sleep all the time is because of depression. I don't agree that I'm getting worse, but I feel like it's the drug that's turning me into a zombie. I have a hard time concentrating, and forget lots of things. (my husband thinks that this is how I have always been anyway!). I have a hard time reaching orgasm on this drug which is a real drag too. So anyhow, my Dr has just changed me over to Pristiq (50MG) and I am going to try that. I am hoping that I get my energy levels back, and start feeling a bit more engaged in my life. I am so mellow on this Cipralex that it's really out of character for me. I'm usually spunky without it. Not sure where I'm getting with it all. I have also tried Wellbutrin and Cymbalta...didn't work well for me. Good luck to everyone else. Keep trying and keep strong.

I've been On Ciprlex for a year and a half. My doctor told me that there were no side effects with is so for this whole time I've been thinking that my overwhelming tiredness was caused by something else. I feel like a teenager with how much sleep I need and I hate it. Just yesterday I went from 10 mg to 20 mg so I hope that I won't get even more tired. But besides thati really thing this drug has been a life changer. My anxiety practically disappeared over night when I started it and although my libido was reduced I think it came back with a vengeance :) I also have tremors in my hands but that is not too bad. Just the sleeping is annoying. I would recommend it but don't go into it blind like I did. Blogs like this are great.

I started cipralex 5 days ago and get so drowsy I start feeling sleepy when I drive (normlly I am very alert) I am very nauseous, throwing up, shaky legs, increased anxiety and dry mouth. I also have IBS which doesn't help either. Can I stop taking it tomorrow and continue rather with Alzam? Which I don't have any side effects but doc doesn't want me taking every day cos he says its habit forming????

Day 2 of Cipralex 10mg... Very nauseous and dizzy... so much so that I am concerned of driving and won't with my kids. I can not stop yawning either and my nose seems to be runny??! I am also on day 2 of no smoking, doctor doesn't think it is the greatest time to quit but I'm still going to try... I felt motivated yesterday to organize my home and hit my to do list hard - not sure if it is the cipralex or the need to keep my hands busy from not smoking.. I tried taking Cipralex for 11 days about 6 months ago and stopped because I thought I could function without meds... I remember having no sex drive, which is usually pretty high and almost impossible to orgasm. This was the worst part for me, however, stabilizing my moods is MUCH more important for me than that at this point.

Hi, I am only on my 2nd day at 10 mg per day. I can only sleep 3 hours/night. I feel agitate and restlessness.Does anyone experienced the same symptoms before? Thanks!

I had a tough time sleeping in my new condo because of all the noises and because of all the latest problems in my new life. I just didnt want to take anymore sleeping pills. So my doc prescribed the drug. I felt really horible for the first 6 months or so and never really felt as good as I did before I went on it! once the source of my sleeplessness (a noisy neighbour) moved out I started to feel better. I decided that a sleeping pill once or twice a week (and the occasional 2 or 3 hour a night sleep) was better than the side effects of cipralex. I guess the most important thing for me was figuring out the source of my issue and dealing with that.
The side effects listed on this wonderful site are pretty much what I experienced. Now that I have been off for almost a week I still feel a little off. which is a big pain because I didnt feel like this before I went on it and I didnt feel like this while I was on it! I just hope I get back to feeling as good as I did before I went on it. Hope this helps and I hope to never go on it again.

I am on my third day of taking this medication. I have shaky hands and dry mouth. I can't really say to much about being tired, because I was tired alot before starting to take this. I was told to keep taking it you feel the full effect by the 6th week. Good luck.

I was prescribed cipralex for PPD. I have suffered w anxiety and depression throughout my life. I was very hesitant to try an antidepressant again because the side effects have always been too much for me. I started at 10 mg, and just increased to 20 in the last week and a half. It is horrible. I am nauseous, vomiting multiple times a day, extreme abdominal cramps and no appetite at all. I think perhaps the 20 mg is too much for me? I also feel weak and lethargic all the time. If my family wasn't here to help w my baby, I would be incapable, of this I'm sure:(
It did take over a week to adjust to the 10mg. I was pretty loopy, out of my head and irrational. I just don't know what to do anymore..

I had to seek some kind of medical help as I am now starting to go thru the starting symptoms of menapause and I was a little worried that this was going to hit me hard as I suffered terribly thru PMS. I started taking Cipralex in the last week of June as I knew that I was not the same person and choose to get some kind of help. I am not a pill person and had every side affect possible. I was unable to go to work for 2 weeks. I was dizzy, nausaus, shacky and my head bobbed up and down like those booble heads you put on your dashboard. I perservered thru the worst for 2 weeks missing work because I couldn't funtion. Since then I have tried to committ suicide and fractured my skull by falling unconsious to a cement floor. I spent 4 days in hospital and my Dr. still insists I stay on this medication. It is now July 28 and I've had to go on Medical Leave. I am so desperate to feel human again. Please let this medication let me live!!!!

Previously I have been taking Effexor and Abilify for depression and anxiety. I stopped that because I hated the foggy zoned out feeling.
I started Cipralex about three weeks ago. 5mg for five days and then 10 mg.
After about 10 days I felt like my energy level had been cut in half.
I found my self walking at a crawl down the street.
Then last week I stayed home from work and slept for 3 days . I felt like a Zombie.I work for myself and no work means no pay.
My thinking was jumbled. I've decided I want nothing to do with this drug.
I think that these weird side effects are something that I don't want my brain to go through.
People say that if I go through these initial side effects things will settle down and I'll feel "normal" but I feel that I might as well have a lobotomy are have shock treatment.

Been on Cipralex for about 5 months now. Started with 10mg for first month then switched to 20mg.
I've never had a side effect from a medication like this before. I would say that for the first 3 months, I was experiencing intense sweating, shakes and sleepless nights. I spoke to the pharmacist and my doctor and they both said the drug does more good than bad and I should just wait it out.
Well, it's now 5 months later and I've waited it out.
The side effects are gone, but so are most of what I thought the benefits were. I'm back to feeling mildly depressed and socially anxious.
My biggest concern is coming off this drug and what it's done to my natural ability to cope. It's not suppose to be addictive, but I'm concerned it's become my NEW normal.

I am about to start cipralex, and I am scared to death, I do not like taking any pills of any kind but my doctors say im showing signs of severe depression, i have been through hell for the last 10 years and i cant seem to forget about it or put it behind me and move on with my life, reading all the post about the side effects are making it worst for me, any thoughts?

I am on week four of Cipralex. Sadly, I have suffered a MS relapse and made the very stupid mistake of taking a large dose of steroids to make the healing quicker. that's the first and last time. When they said side effects would bve anger or sadness, they shoulod have said Depression onset most likely! Anyways, I have many of the side effects, but dont know if it'sd MS related or Cipralex related now. I was scared at first if I didnt start taking them, now I'm scared what will happen if I stop taking them after reading others experiences after stopping Cipralex.....

Everyone one is different. When I started Cipralex awhile back, it was night and day. I take it just before bed. I use to take it in the AM but it made me extremely tired. Aside from completely losing my sex drive :( I swear by this drug! I'm much calmer in every aspect. I suffered from depression, self loathing, anxiety, and anger issues to name a few. Cipralex has ironed out these issues ten fold. Good luck!

Hi, I have been on Sertraline (or Zoloft) for about 3 years...I started going back to my depressive ways, irritability etc..So my doctor recommended cipralex. So the Doctor laid out a long crossing over period to wean me off sertraline and start up cipralex...I was taking a low does cipralex in the am, and decreasing sertraline in the pm daily for 14 days at a time...each time there was a decrease in sertraline i didn't notice any bad side affects, actually i started feeling better,..i was happier and more the final titration was 10 mg cipralex in the am and 25 mg sertraline in the pm for 14 days then stop sertraline all together and continue with 10mg cipralex...well it's been 2 days off of sertraline and I am super super tired during the day, and can't sleep at night,..also I have been experiencing stomach pains, nausea and dizziness,..just feeling blah and flu like...could this be from the anti depressants or maybe just a flu bug?? As it's not like i stopped or started anything abrubptly,..I have been weaning off/on for over a month now...
Any help would be greatly appreciated...oh and also, since starting cipralex my sex drive has increased?? and I seem to have fallen in love with my bf all over again and become way more affectionate..???? hmmmmmm

I got Cipralex today and very nervous to start taking them due to all the side effects I have read on this blog. Any honest advise if I should take them or not? I have a 15month old daughter that I need to take care of as I am a stay at home mom and cannot afford to feel crappy and sleepy!

Anonymous said...

I've been taking cipralex 20mg for approx. 3 months now. As anyone stop taking them suddenly and what was the side effect if any. Would you recommend this. I do not wish to talk to my Dr. about it.... Txs!

so ive had anxiety since i was in grade 6 (i am now going into my third year of university). i finally decided to do something about my anxiety and my doctor prescribed me cipralex and klonopin. the only side effects i feel is very tired and drowsy even if i just stay home. However, it has helped with anxiety A LOT and i think that the side effects vary with every person. I've lost my appetite a bit and feel a bit "outside of my body" if that makes any sense.. but i think its just my body coping with the medication (i started about two months ago). anyways, my best recommendation is if you feel anxious or have been diagnosed with any sort of anxiety disorder cipralex is wonderful! definitely worth it :)

Just an update from my July 30 post.I may have been too harsh regarding my thoughts on Cipralex. Each person may react differently to this medication.

I stopped for a week or so and then started again taking night. (I cut down a 10mg pill). I started again because people said that if one could get past the initial side effects the results were worth it.
The pamphlet that comes in the box says, "A small number of patients taking drugs of this type may feel worse instead of better, for example they may experience unusual feelings of agitation,hostility or disturbing thoughts."
So I continued with 2.5 for 5 days and then increased to 5mg for 3 days.
I felt all those side effects agitation, hostility. I got in arguments with people, felt spacey and not in control.It was afraid of my thoughts and felt again that I couldn't continue with the drug.
I didn't take my Tuesday night 5mg and woke up Wednesday with a monster headache. After a couple of hours I took 2.5mg and the headache went away and I slept for a couple of hours.
Today Thursday a little spacey but able to work which I couldn't Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday.
For me the side effects were too much to handle. Others may be able to go through it and be happy.
Good Luck!!

I've been taking this for 5 months now and it has changed my life. I suffer from GAD. The first 4-6 weeks were hard with increased anxiety which I was prescribed xanax to counteract, but the overall result has been unbelievable. I have my life back. Good luck to anyone starting; I know it's scary but keep going. It is worth it!

Cipralex/ Lexapro as I call it, saved my life. I took it after my first suicide attempt and havent looked back since, I havent had one panic attack or major depressive episode in the past 5 months which is something I never thought to be possible...
The only thing is at one point I missed my dose for a week/ a week and a half due to being really really busy and unable to book an appointment for a repeat prescription and NEVER AGAIN will I allow that to happen, I felt AWFUL. Tremors, nausea, serious anxiety, flu like symptoms, headaches, head zaps, and the withdrawal symptoms were pretty awful.

Oh, sex drive is pretty non existent on these tablets to be honest, but I find if I dont take them for one day or two I get really horny.
Just a heads up lol

I've just been prescribed this drug and I'm concerned mostly about the nausea and lethargy side effects. I have a ten month old daughter and need to be able to keep up with her. So my question is, should I take it at night or in the morning? Also, I was wondering if I should start by trying it in the morning so I can have people awake to talk to if I start to freak out about any side effects I get?

I also was perscribed 10 mg cipralex because of my emontional issues.and my dissorders. I am a single parent of 5 ...worried about the side effects on me will effect my children twords me!!!! Its important for me to support my children...and be there when they need me! I feel worried i wont be able to sosicalize with them as i do now with all my issues and stress! I been waring a mask for many years to be strong in front of them so they will be strong for them selfs in the future when they need confidance!!!

I started taking cipralex about 3 weeks ago, and have definitely noticed an improvement in my mood and anxiety! The first week I had the most insane migraines I've ever experienced, but now I am experiencing sleep disturbances. Currently having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and vivid dreams. I read through a lot of these posts and there is one thing I'm concerned about that no one else has posted about. Recently, about a week, I've had a high pitched ringing as well as a fuzzy sound in my ears. I notice it mostly at night when I'm laying down and things are quiet, and I get panicky when it happens because I feel like I'm going crazy. It also has some slight pressure, and feels almost like I've just come from a loud concert. I am a 24 year old female, and have an aunt who is schizoprhenic. I went on this medication because I was afraid that my inability to cope with my anxiety and depression was going to cause me to further decompensate and develop schizophrenia as well. Does anyone know if this medication increases the risk for that?! Or has anyone else experienced this ringing/noise? Help! I'm getting worried :(

I have been on Cipralex for a month now and it has had such a positive effect on my life that I had to post my experiences. I have had the sweats a few times and a couple of headaches, but that is it. Before my diagnosis I had problems sleeping, no appetite, anxiety attacks, was tired all of the time and had a whole list of symptoms related to depression. This drug has changed my life, it is now worth living.
I do have a question for anyone reading this, do you know if aggressive/destructive behavior is a side effect of Cipralex? My daughter started taking it on the weekend and while her depression has eased a little, she has had a few violent tantrums this week. I am just wondering if Cipralex has something to do with it or is this just teenaged hormones?

I have been on cipralex for about 2 years. You must be patient. It doesn't work right away. I have tried to go off and the only way is to go realllly slowly. I went from 20 to 0 and even cut my 5 mg in half to wean off over several weeks gradually. I went back on because of difficulty sleeping, but now I am so tired I feel like I am wasting my life, watching from the sidelines. Zero libido is causing other problems in marriage though. My doctor is wonderful and encourages me to be patient. The latest evidence shows you need to be on the perfect balance of meds for two years to readjust your balance, completely depression free, before trying to use more natural methods alone.. I am not constantly angry at kids or husband so that is my main goal. I will keep trying and I hope you do too

I was on effexior for a long time and went off because I was able to force myself to go to work and blah blah.. I started on Cipralex around the end of last year and now am on 20mg. I, personally, do not feel the drugs helped but the Dr.s' don't seem to want to let me try something else.
So what should you feel to indicate you are alright? I still have anxiety attacks... I am happy for the people feeling like the meds have helped them.. I have tried quite a few and now I feel like as long as I can force myself to go on then I am ok.. feeling alive and joyful of life are not in my dictionary..

I was prescribed lexamil for depression, was told that 10mg should have very beneficial effects. I am extremely healthy and exercise and eat very well, i do not drink coffee nor other stimulating drinks, i am actually a tea totaller. Within 2 days the symptoms i had explained to the doctor in the first place had all trebled.

The loss of libido is real, the night sweats, tremors, muscles spasms, insomnia, nightmares.

I discontinued use after 5 days and hey presto pretty much all the symptoms have gone, i am still battling with night sweats and these only started when i was on the meds.

In my honest opinion, dont let some idiot tell you to start anti depressants, there are far safer and more effective non prescribed tablets one could take.

Be safe and Blue skies to all.


I've been on the drug Cipralex for about 5 years ago - I take 25mg a day at night. I also take a drug Remeron (mirtazapine)for about 8 years. I sufffer from major depression and social and general anxiety disorders. I think the important thing to remember is that everyone really does react differently to each drug, but if you are determined to feel better you will eventually find one that works for you. I have taken a number of other medications through out my life and some made me suicidal and some made me feel very detached from myself, some came with horrible physical side effects also; but, I know friends and other people who these medications have worked especially well for.
It took me about 12 years of trying different medications to find one that worked for me. I still believe that changing the way you think about things is a huge part of helping your depression and anxiety and I still work on my cognitive thinking everyday to help my anxieties, medication is only 1/2 of overcoming these illnesses.

I have been on Cipralex 10 mg for about 18 months and it has done exactly what I wanted it to do so I am now coming off of it. I have had one or two side effects but nothing like the previous posters. I would like to offer a few bits of advice for what they are worth. If you are suffering with abdominal pains, generally feeling unwell or have IBS and have a connection with this drug, please take a food intolerance test. You may have intolerance to almost anything you eat. The common ones are, gluten, dairy, sugar, oats, but I also suffered with raw onions, beef, wine, beer, peppers and chocolate. Please take the test, it may change your life!! Also I use a system called the Linden method for overcoming anxiety and depression and it makes everything so blindingly obvious that it can't fail if you follow it to the letter. I'm still working with it and feeling much more confident. I hope these little bits help and wish you all better health.

I'm somewhat having second thoughts about this. But I'm going to try it tomorrow morning. I've read some of the comments and thanks to the comments, I'm going to take the pill.

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I just started cipralex three days ago, for anxiety and depression due to external circumstances. The last three days were hell. In addition to anxiety and depression, I now also had to deal with nausea, heartburn, headache, dizziness, upset bowels, shakiness, weakness, drowsiness and insomnia (yeah, I know that sounds weird in combination with the drowsiness...). And I was started on 5mgs... I've talked to my doctor and decided to come off it for now, since I have a major presentation at work coming up, and I don't want to stand there like a shaking pile of misery... I've not take it today, and feel much better. I'll have to decide if I want to try again when there's not so much going on...

I have been prescribed cipralex 2.5 mg for anxiety/depression. Reading all the comments it's kind of scary. I am taking Ferinol for migraine headaches and something for insomnia. Any thoughts on side effects. I am always tearful and easily hurt, sort of not wanting to have friends. Share your story.

Just started it today. I have suffered with Major Depression and Post tramatic stress for years. Been off and on meds for years amd then totally not taken any meds for 2 years now except for sleeping meds. I just can't seem to get better. hoped and prayed that wouldn't need these but know I have too and probably life time. I am scared of the side of effects and going to try and suffer thru them. Cuz I really want my life back. Just hope I dont gain a bunch of weight cuz that would just be another serious health problem. Will keep you posted

I started taking Cipralex 8 days ago. Since day one, every day when I wake up,I feel like I have the worse hangover. My headaches are the only symptom that is almost leading me to stop taking this drug. I could cope with the tiredness, but this hangover feeling is driving me crazy!

I've been taking Cipralex 10mg for 3 months now and the only side effects I have are : hard time waking up and always hungry....this will unfortunately lead to gaining weight :s but other than that, I feel really good now!!!

I've been taking Cipralex 10mg for 3 months now and the only side effects I have are : hard time waking up and always hungry....this will unfortunately lead to gaining weight :s but other than that, I feel really good now!!!

Cipralex is very good medcine for the control of dipression which i know from last two year am using this medicine

I have been on cixpralex for 6 months - went from 10mg to 20mg nabout three months in. Dont feel any postive side effects from taking the pill.
Negatives incl.
-Huge lack of sex drive
-Increased hunger (I've gained about 20 lbs - this would be more, but I started going to the gym 3 times a week for hour long work outs)
-Problems getting to sleep, and even worse problem getting myself OUT of bed in the morning.
-Massive feelings of self worthlessness
-Cant think stright, not really comfortable doing any big tasks that envolve consentration
-Short term memory has gone out the window
-OCD like behaviour about some asepects of my life and daily household stuff has come on

I am currently trying to get off this medications as I dont think it is the one for me.. I have been speaking with my fmily DR, counsellor, and pharmacy. DR said that is is VERY dangerous to stop taking these pills, counsellor agrees with him, but the pharmacy said that I will just have VERY bad mood swings and problems sleeping... (I already have these issues so I dont really see a down side. Then I wouldnt have to put out $140 bucks ever two months...)
*Note that $$$ is NOT any part of the reason I want to go off*

During my time with depression I have done pretty much what I have been told to do.
-Do more cardio, work out more in general + walks every day
-Go to bed, and wake up at the same time every day
-Breathing excersizes (which are complete BS in my mind, but if they work for you then go for it)
None of this is working....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at all your options before starting on cipralex - I feel as if I am trapped taking these pills and that they are running my life only after 6 months!

If I dont take them I feel as if I have partied like a rock star in Vegas all weekend and I have just woken up Sunday Morning.. (the 'hungover feeling'that I get from missing pills is actually worse then what I experienced in Vegas...)
**PS DONT DRINK on these pills, I've only done it once and dont recommend doing it**

I suddenly retired 3 years ago due to being a work-a-holic of 25 years at 110 hours a week, 6 days a week, and couldn't take the stress anymore. I moved overseas and got diagnosed with meniere's disease, and panic attacks. I have been on Cipralex 10mg for 1 year now, and have to say it has been a wonder drug for me. I am able to sleep 8-10 hours a day now,(used to be 4hrs daily if I slept at all), and now İ can even nap on Saturday and Sundays, and feel like İ am finally getting healthy. I haven't gained any weight, but I haven't lost any either. I do have to say it gives me a dry mouth at night, and need to keep a glass of water close by. Other than that, I don't really care about the constant ringing in my head, but ıt does give me some crazy dreams. I tried to go off this summer, thinking I had the panic attacks under control, but found out they are still there just waiting for me...

I'm on Day 4 using Cipralex for social anxiety. So far I haven't noticed any positive effects and I'm sleeping horribly. I've been waking up between 4-5am every morning since I started taking the pills and once I wake up I cannot fall back asleep. It's really frustrating because usually I sleep like a log for a full 8hrs.

I was on 150mg trepiline (before that cilift for a few years) for about 18 months, the first 6-8 months were probably the best of my life. But then the stress/anxiety came back and the doc put me on cipralex 10mg, used it for bit less than a year then asked my doc to go back on the 150mg trepiline. I started getting high blood pressure and palpatations earlier this year so the doc put me back on cipralex.

What is strange is that most comments talk about tiredness, yet my doc told me to take it in the morning as it should also help wake me up. Ive been completely off trepiline for a week after weening and on cipralex for 4 weeks. She also gave me sleeping pills to help adjust. So far I really have trouble sleeping, even with sleeping pills I sleep to around 4am and then I can't fall asleep again. For the first time in a long while I now also sometimes get so stressed/anxious that I feel sick. I get hot flashes, my bowels are a mess, feel sick and weak all the time, I'm very forgetful, very often momentarily forgetting peoples names I work with every day, and I've been so sleepy the last couple of days its horrible! I don't want to go back to trepiline, mostly because of the dry mouth and also the heart and blood pressure stuff, but the way I've been feeling the last 2 weeks is just not working for me, particularly the bowel habits! I'm seeing my docter next week and will discuss all this with her.

There were no discussion about side effecs previously. FYI I'm also on 50mg Epitec, which apparently lifts your mood.

I started gym for the first time just before I started using cipralex, I was very motivated but don't have much motivation left. Went from working out 4 times a week to only once this week so far..

My opinion, don't take this decision as lightly as I did.

Good luck!

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I've been on Cipralex for 2 years and the difference in my anxiety is significant. My doctor started me at 10mg, and within three months, the dose increased to 20mg. I just started weaning down to 10mg as I felt I was getting too mellow. The side effects of weaning down are intense: ringing or buzzing in the ears, dizziness, and serious headaches. I am assured these effects will eventually level off. I have no plans to eventually stop taking Cipralex altogether. I feel that my anxiety issues are chronic and there is no shame in taking a medication that allows you the ability to function effectively in everyday life.

I've been on Cipralex for a year and have gained 7kg inspite of cutting my food intake by about 25%. I am WAY better emotionally, but have ZERO sex drive (which has caused a lot of upheaval in my marriage) and I have found I have terrible gas every single day no matter what I eat(volume and pong) and this distresses me terribly. Is it caused by the drug? Does anyone know for sure?

I take two - 10 mg pills per day but I take them at night. Doesn't seem to matter I am always sleepy, I have gained 20KG after losing 20 via exercise. I can no longer exercise and I am so mellow I feel like I am doped up and don't know what to say.
I can't wait for the day I can get me off of these. I am better emotionally for sure way less anxiety but I have zero sex drive also and not a lot of interest or energy I should have. i also feel emotionally withdrawn from society and feel often confused and out of it and have a hard time focusing on topic and conversing in public.

I was prescribed cialis to take daily at nite with cipralex but geez to go along with my other stuff is way too much..i just want to be drug free i hate pills

I have been taking cipralex for 8 days now. Over the past 10 years mainly due to problems with an early marriage, failed business and being away fro my family, I went from being a happy go lucky person to a bit of a screaming monster. I forgot to enjoy my kids as the were growing up and obsessed over things like cleaning the kitchen bin a dozen times a day :(
I started smoking weed every night to relax and to forget the void I felt in my life. At times I tried to get away from this and would get obsessed with running on a treadmill endlessly.
When I first started taking cipralex I felt anxious jittery nauseous and tired but this got better by the 5th day. I still feel very tired and lethargic but the other symptoms are better. I have not smoked any weed since I started cipralex. I am so desperate to enjoy my kids now. I am really hopeful this will work! My appetite has increased drastically and I have no interest in sex. My husband it's very happy about this but I have to be selfish for now as I need to love myself again and stop feeling the guilt I have felt for being incapable of bringing happiness to my family....

I stopped taking cipralex one day after being on it for over a year, felt great and didn't think I needed it... When I stopped taking it I was sick for 2 weeks, every symptom you could ever think of I had.. Besides the low sex drive I like this medication

All I have to to say is that everyone is different and possibly this isn't the right medication for you! If you can take care of your situation naturally then do so. For myself I suffered from severe anxiety after I lost a child and I couldn't cope. Cipralex literally made me feel myself again. I had some mild side effects to start but nothing comparble to what I was feeling with the anxiety. I am now on 5 mg every other day and this seems to be the lightest dose that keeps me feeling human and well! As I said everyone is different but if you are having crazy side effects then go to your doctor....maybe this isn't for you. With that said, unfortunately these types of medications you have to try as we all react different! Good luck!

Hi everyone, i have been taking Cipralex for 4 days now (5mg/day and starting 10mg tomorrow) and have had the usual array of mild side effects described on this site. Interrupted sleep, loss of appetite, waves of nausea, legs feel like jelly and definitely a slight feeling of being constantly stoned. I'm more alert despite feeling slightly emotionally disconnected. What is motivating me to ride these effects out is the fact that 1 week ago, I could barely get out of bed or get through a day without crying. Everything seemed impossible to manage and my feelings of inadequacy were preventing me from making a change. Would I rather go back to that, knowing exactly how unmotivated and apathetic I was? Or would I rather give this medication a chance so that I can start living my life? The choice is simple for me... For the first time in a long time, I feel capable of handling what comes my way and I refuse to let a few side effects stop me. Obviously my amazing doctor is tracking my progress carefully and for the time being, I am ready to accept that I need help. People take meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol control... why not do the same for mood disorders? I hope this helps someone and most importantly, please remember that you are not alone. Peace, love and grooviness.

I need help nothing makes me happy can cipralex help me? but i don't want to gain weight!

I'm on Cipralex for 10 months it works perfect for my anxiety.It makes me happy gives me energy I'm sleeping well.I was lucky.
If Cipralex is not working for you try something else it has to work!!!!!My friend is on Cipralex and does the some job.We call it happy pills.Nina

Sorry forgot the dose 20 mg/day in the morning.Do not wary about weight I did not notice any gain.I used it last year for 6 months I stopped useing it since I was happy I Thought it does not work but in December 2011 I got first anxiety attack and I run to my doctor. I'm happy so will you Nina .

I have been on Cipralex now for approximately 2 years. I suffered minimal side effects, and the only side effect that seems to have continued is sweating. I do seem to sweat more in stressful situations, but that is not a problem, and is more like HOT FLUSHES.

I would suggest that you monitor the side effects, and consult regularly with your doctor. In my opinion, you should not discontinue for the first 6 months.

It works great for me.

Hi Nina who posted on November 12. How long did it take to start feeling good? I started on 10mg then a couple weeks later to 15 then a week later to 20. I was feeling good up until the last few days as my sleep is off - like two nights up all night. I was taking it at night but am moving the med to earlier in the day, tonight I took it a 6pm. I am three and a half weeks in to the 20 mg dose. Any advice is appreciated. Waiting to settle in and sleep better too.
Thanx. Sarah

I've been taking 10mg for a couple of years now. No serious side effects, but I do seem to want to sleep more now. Pre-cipralex I was a 9 hour a night person. Now it's more like 10.5 hours, and on a day off I love my afternoon naps. I'm 53, so I'm not sure how much of it's the meds and how much of it's post-menopausal.

I've been taking 10mg for a couple of years now. No serious side effects, but I do seem to want to sleep more now. Pre-cipralex I was a 9 hour a night person. Now it's more like 10.5 hours, and on a day off I love my afternoon naps. I'm 53, so I'm not sure how much of it's the meds and how much of it's post-menopausal.

I've been on it for 3 years. It has helped so much.I'm off it for a week and am also very irritable. For me the weight gain is the issue!

i started this med three days ago, it's making me more depressed, lack of energy, sinus, yawning with feeling of throwing up!!

I'm getting off of it before it's too late. I was better 4 days ago before i started this treatment.

hi,my doctor prescribe me Cipralex 5 mg a day,i just started today but reading all the comments,im getting out of that right now....i can deal with my problem a different way but will not put my health at risk and for sure will not lose my sex drive for for that :o)tanks u all for the infos,


I am on my second day of taking cipralex. I am taking it for my anxiety. I have read through many of the responses and the opinions about the drug. Firstly I also feel very light headed, nausea, but already feel better than before. As well I do understand that this drug will be very hard to come off of. I am on two anti convulsants and have had to wean off of one previously. Choosing to go on any drug is a choice and everyone should research it fully, beginning middle and end. Yet getting off a drug can be difficult but it comes with the drug. I couldn't deal with my anxiety as it was controling me. I am very happy I found this drug. I have experienced many different side effects over the fourteen years I have been on medication for anti convulsants in which I will be on for the rest of my life and side effects are something that just become a part of your life when the drug makes your life better.
thank your for all great advice.

Hi All - I have also used Cipralex for just over a year. For me this drug was a life saver as I was experiencing major anxiety/panic attacts and could not sleep. Feeling so much better now so I weaned myself off a couple of weeks ago. I reduced my own dossage from 10mg to 5mg for about 2 months and then went down to 2.5mg for another 2 months. Now that I have been off it for 3 weeks I still get dizzy spells (which is how/why I found this message board). Anyway, as a 50 year old male I find my sex drive is returning to normal and I am comming back to my high strung self. Over-all the good this drug did me far outweights the negatives. Thank God for these message boards!

I do the same thing (going off for a few days when my bf is in town) I've stayed off it now for almost a week but I'm feeling really angry an very unreasonable. :)
I'm curious, as I would like to get off, how long that irritability will last.... Anyway. It's tough to settle for no libido. Not sure that helped much, but I can relate.

anyone experience night sweats on this drug, I have been on it for a month and wake up two or three times a night in a sweat

I am still hesitating to take Ciprolex. I started taking St. John's Wort. It's good to know that I am not alone in suffering from anxiety/ depression. I have no energy, feels overwhelmed , stressed out at work I feel like quitting but I can't bec. of finances, feel alone and can't participate in any conversation. I hope the natural way will work for me. I hope that all of us will feel better by God's help.

I just started cipralex @ 5mg today. I find that this season has hit me with such intensity that I've been unable to cope with all the things that are pulling me in all different directions. I'm unable to please everyone. I've been off anti-deps for over a year due to their side effects, but have dealt with the condition in other ways. Generally I protect myself from things causing anxiety. It has however given me a false sense of having conquered it. I am hoping that the side effects from this will be manageable.

I have been off of cipralex for 5 weeks now and I feel dizzy and feel like im going to fall over for the past week. Is this normal? And will this feeling go away? I did it slow as I was 2.5 for 2 years and then I cut that in half for 1 month and then took it every second day and then stopped....I just want to feel normal again. I will add that the reason I went on it was I had a vertigo attack and was afraid to move.... So now I feel dizzy again but not the same as if the room was spinning. Help please:)

Hi. Its my first night on Cipralex and I'm up with nausea. I was able to get to sleep but woke up about an hour later feeling sick.
I'm really grateful for this board. I'm scared and excited to go back to myself... I've been all over the place for years and planning a wedding finally tipped me. I get so anxious that I'm constantly wanting to run away from everything I have. I'm crossing my fingers this works.

Hi I have been on Ciprilex on and off for over two years now. I suffer from Anxiety, turned into social anxiety and slowly into depression. I am up at 20 mg now. It has made me gain weight, but has helped me deal with my anxiety and depression. My mother suffers from the same so I believe I may have genetically inhibited ths syndrome. The one thing I truly hate about this medication is no sex drive at all! Its such a pain becuase I just turned 30 and expected to be in my prime lol. In any event I am currently off the meds and immediatly got my sex drive back. Im feeling good and hoping and praying that the anxiety doesnt return once my body rids itself of the mediciation.

Well, I've had anxiety problems since my son was born 26 years ago. Started slowly, then about 15 yrs ago I went through a depression and started on Paxil. Changed my life, for the better. That lasted about 7 or 8 yrs., then I started having anxiety problems again. Took myself off Paxil. That was not fun. Should have taken it very slowly. After a few months I realized I needed to go back on meds and took myself to the hospital, and have been on 10 mg of Cipralex for around 3 yrs. Having major bouts of anxiety and panic attacks lately, so back to the hospital I will go. Too bad there is not a life long cure, but at least there is medication and therapy around to help.Exercise helps alot too.

ive been on cipralex for a year and a did wonders..i was so close to dying from my depression,i cried every single minute,couldnt sleep or eat at all,my apetite was completely shut down.cipralex helped me alot,i could go back to work,see ppl,enjoy my time.
my side effects are weight gain and low sex drive.
ive gained almost 10kgs....

I have been taking Cipralex for a year. Started at 10 mg...then increased to 15 mg after 8 months. I have gained about 10 lbs and just joined the gym again. At first had sleep issues and decreased appetite but all of my site effects went away within a few weeks.

Cipralex cured my anxiety issues and I feel like a normal person again.

My advice would be to start on a small dose then increase gradually to reduce the startup symptoms.

I am a 26 year old female. I have been taking cipralex for a year and a half to treat my generalized anxiety disorder. It has helped to improve my life. When I began taking cipralex, I couldn't reach an orgasm. This bothered me, but I could finally reach an orgasm after about a month. (Phew!) I have suffered from binge liquor and cocaine use for my adult life. 6 months ago, my medication was increased to 20 mg. It took at least 3 weeks to feel the effects. I also went through a lifestyle change. I began to eat only healthy foods, exercise 15 mins per day and taking a hot bath each day. I also cut the stress out of my life that I could (school, negative relationships, caffeine, sugar, etc.) I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I am now 5'5 and 130 pounds. I feel very happy. I'm not stressed out about every little thing anymore, and I am able to control my cocaine and liquor cravings for the first time in my life. I also see a counsellor every two weeks. I hope this helps someone out there!
I wish you peace and happiness!

I've been taking Cipralex (10 mg) for about a little over a week. After my 2 week mark, I'm supposed to up the dosage to 20 mg. Like others on this site, I too have IBS and this drug definitely seems to agitate the symptoms. I'm also experiencing significant flatulence (gross, I know), occasional nausea, and I'm putting on some weight. Haven't noticed any positive changes (yet) for my depression, so I guess it will take more time. My understanding is that it takes approximately 1 month before it helps for depression. I actually was very hesitant to take this pill because of the stigma attached with depression. I took 1 pill like 3 weeks ago, was not happy with the side effects it caused me the so I stopped. But then after 3 weeks of thinking it over and over many many times, I decided I had taken the time to see my doctor, had the prescription filled so why should I stop short? That's what motivated me to continue with the treatment.

Hi. I started 20mgs about 8 months ago. Low sex drive right off the bat, but now I can drive to work on the highway with no problem. Mentally I finely feel wonderful. But now the side effects are here? Dry mouth at night and one hell of a nasty migraine for over a week now. I thought side effects would be right away, not this far in... But I do have to say this pill has changed my life....

Started taking Cipralex again today after stopping it over two years ago. The reason I stopped taking it was because it worked so well I was sure I was "cured". After struggling for the past few years I finally accept that for me medication is a necessary evil. I expect some side effects (especially the decrease in my sex drive, which for a woman is very, very but it will be worth it FOR ME.

To the people who have experienced terrible side effects and "advise" others to never take this medication, STOP IT. I understand you think you're just sharing your experiences good and/or bad but scaring people into NOT trying this medication is NOT helpful and just wrong.
Not everyone will experience the same side effects as you, just as not everyone experiences the same type/level of depression/anxiety.

I have been taking Cirpalex since March 2011, due to a nervous breakdown caused by work, family deaths,family illness and premenopausal emotional and hormonal changes. I had so much happening in my lift at the same time (over a 6 month period) that my body was screaming at me and I didn’t listen, hence the breakdown. I have always been an excitable and high energy person, but when I had the nervous breakdown it kicked me right in the butt. I lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks, had zero appetite, wasn’t sleeping AT ALL and my heart was constantly pounding out of my chest. The Dr. and I agreed that I needed help climbing out of the hole of depression caused by the breakdown and prescribed 20mg daily of cipralex. Although I started slowly with 5mg, 10mg, then 15 mg max. during the first 2-3 weeks of taking the drug, I experienced a rash all over my body, slight nausea, severe dry mouth, feelings of hopelessness and suicide. Although my doctor was watching me very closely (appts. with her every 3 days or more if required), she said that the hopelessness and suicide were caused by the depression and the nausea and rash would disappear over time as my body adjusted to the meds. I also had the support of a Psychologist who taught me through exercises how to breath my way through my negative thoughts and racing heart, and how to try to change my negativethoughts of hopelessness into positive thoughts. Believe me, it is a very hard task, but over a couple weeks time I was able to start to feel the positive effects of the cipralex which in turn allowed me to sleep better, feel peppier, smile more and even feel energized, which in turn increased my appetite. After being on this medication for almost 2 years now, I can say that I have gained about 10lbs. more than my normal weight, however I feel a lot more positive, smile more and enjoy life so much more. In fact, I feel the best now I have felt in years! Continued Side Effects: Night Sweats (but not sure if this is the cipralex or my menopause – LOL), big time short term memory loss, lack of concentration and decreased vision (which is a result of cipralex and will get better once I get off the meds). Not sure if I want to try going off the meds, as I am doing really well now, and the doctor says I can stay on it forever if I want…so, with all of this being said, the cipralex does take perseverance and some getting used to and from what I understand a lot of people quit before they give it enough time to start working which can be anywhere from 4-7 weeks, or maybe I was just lucky with it! Best of luck to all of you.

I have been on this drug for 4 months i just got my dose increased to 15mg i am feeling super tired and can sleep most of the day,side effect of going to a higher doseage but when i am awake i feel amazing,so glad i started taking them.The side effects are barable but i admit for the first week or so its best to stay at home.

Been on it for 7 days feeling more depressed and tired. Lacking energy but very comfortable and relaxed when lying down on sofa. Some diarrhea and lack of appetite.My mom has been on it for one year no side effects for her. I started to take it because my child is ill and I need a way to help me cope.

what i don't understand about the side effects is how does it cause insomnia and sleepiness at same time?
and in my case it causes sleepiness .

Hello, I want to talk about a side effect I did not know of. In a low percentage of people, cipralex can raise your bloodpressure. I have been on cipralex for two months now and before I started my blood pressure was average 128/74 which is perfect. Now it is averaging 166/115. Please check your blood pressure often when you are on cipralex to be on the safe side. My pressure is so high, I have to come off it. I just wanted to share this information with you because the doctors do not talk about this side effect.

I have been on ciraplex for a month now. The first few days were a bit rough, but after that I noticed improvment. I get sweats at night, and suffer from insomnia and have a dry mouth most of the time, but thats a great trade to get rid of the sadness. I also take ompprazole for reflux disease. There is an interaction between the two medications. It has the effect of making ciraplex 10 to 50% higher concentrations in your body. Keep this in mind if you are on both medications. Personally I feel very much better now that I am on this medication. I come from a family with a history of depression and the drug was recomended to me by my brother. It worked very well for him also. Don't be afraid to try this is you feel it could improve your life. The side effects are not that bad in comparison to despair or sadness. In a 7 day period I lost my job, my girl, my place to live and my dad died. I spent the next two months in utter despair and sadness. Couldn't get out of bed and would break down several times a day. Since I have been on the drug I am able to function again. I don't have meltdowns anymore and the intense sadness has left me. I am now very optamistic and look forward to the future. I have been able to get my life back on track. I think the drug did wonders for me. I think there are mental effects simply from the act of doing something to help yourself get better. For me the hardest part was actually going to get the help I needed. The first doctor I saw was terrible and wouldnt even talk about depression with me. He dismissed me and told me to contact mental health. He said he didn't want to talk about it. With all the difficulty I had in actually asking someone for help, this was very discouraging and I almost left it at that. I went to see another doctor and he was much more helpful.There are some terrible doctors out there, there are also some great and caring ones. If one doesn't help you then go see another. I know these drug don't work the same for everyone, but I highly reccomed you try them if you are depressed. They have changed my life for the better and they may be able to do the same for you. I wish you all the best of luck. Your not alone. There are many people who are in the same place as you, and there is help available to you. The hard part is going and asking for help, but once you do you won't regret it. Have a good day folks. I hope this helps somebody somewhere. It has helped me so much i feel the need to spread the word so hopefully i can help someone else out there who feels like I did. There is always hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need make the initil effort to help yourself. Take care.

Just another quick comment. The drug combined with omeprazole has caused me to lose weight. My appetite is very dimished. Which is a good thing. I need to lose some weight.

This drug at 10 mg a day does not seem to affect my sex drive, but orgasm is slightly harder to achieve.

Sorry to post four comments in a row, but after reading a ton of posts on here i feel the need to say something further. I see many people here who are afraid to try these drugs because of possible side effects. This is how i see it. I was sad and life didnt seem worth living. Now I am content and very much look forward to the future. The side effects for this are not that severe when compared to a very unhappy existence. I dont care how dry my mouth is, how i get night sweats, how it is a little harder to orgasm, how i have insomnia. I am HAPPY. Before my mouth was wet, i didnt sweat at night i could orgasm and sleep easier, but through all of that i was extremely unhappy. Seriously people don't let other people comments discourage you. You can always stop the meds if they dont work for you. But if you don't try them you will never know if they were the solution for your unhappy life. They worked so well for me in only a month. It was the bit of extra help i need to be whole again.

The doctor gave me this med a couple days ago. Due to some circumstances I've developed depression and anxiety. I've been nervous about taking it. I finally had a couple hours to read around on sites like this and it seems like a TINY percentage benefit, if you can even call it that. Theres no way in hell I'm starting mine. Its going down the toilet after I enter this. There has to be better ways.

I have been on cipralex a month and half. I feel worse than I did when being on Sertraline HCL. I am tired and nap during the day, have a sense of hopelessness and have insomnia at night. Today I missed my morning pill and I didn't have to nap. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and want to get off this medication.

I've been on Cipralex for 2 weeks (1 week at 5mg + 1 week at 10mg) and I'm really happy with it! I personally had gas and feeling a little bit tired for 2-3 days, but that was it! No change on my libido, no headaches, no stomach problems, I'm glad! :)

Hey I just started Ciraplex yesterday. 5mg The first few days then ten mg/day. I'm not familiar with antideprssants really at all. Been taking like 30mg/ night of Nortriptlyne for a while however, to help me sleep, which I guess is some type of antidepressant. Just never saw myself at this point I guess taking a bunch of shit I know nothing about really. No history of serious depression in my family that I know of. I've always had anxiety but never took anything for it. Anyway, any advice would deem beneficial at this point I'm sure.


iused cypralex from 7 months as 10 mg
but really nthing change still have a deppression and anxiety and don't have the mood to go out.
i lost 6-7 kgs,and don't have good appetite.what do you recommend to change the cypralex?or not.

thank you

A few years ago I was dealing with severe anxiety. I took Cipralex for 6 months with only two side effects...dry mouth/feeling parched and difficulty reaching climax during sex. My partner is so wonderful that I overcame that easily. After some hard work and my big stressors were resolved (which you can only do with psychotherapy and the likes), i weaned myself off slowly. I was also started at 5, then 10, then 15, then 20 and we finally went to 10 as my normal dose. I weaned myself and took a good 3 months to so it going from 10mg to 2.5 very slowly and had no ill effects. It saved my life and would certainly recommend it for a short term alternative. i know many people who have tried others and used Cipralex after with success. These drugs need to be tried and you need to find a good fit. Our bodies are so different that one thing may work for one person and another for someone else. Take care everyone...anxiety is not fun but can be overcome and dealt with in a positive way.

Been on this drug for about 9 months now.

Negatives: It is causing me a great deal of flatulence, makes me very very sleepy (I sleep for 12 hours on average,) zero sex drive. It doesn't really help when you are really really anxious.

Positives: Helps in avoiding crying on a daily basis, keeps me cheerful most of the time.

I gave it a miss for 15 days and my depressive symptoms returned big time, cried nearly everyday, felt terrible, Hope am not addicted to it.

Here's hoping all of us come out trumps. cheers.

I agree with youh I took half a pill about three hours ago and I feel the need to vomit and its 9:00 pm and I'm going to bed plus I have little to no appetite which sucks considering I'm severely underweight never taking it again!

to blog entry dated 04 and 05 Feb 2013, I have been on Cipralex for 3 and a half years now. The drug takes 7 days to kick in, then 3 months of continued use to work and for the side effects to calm down. Please don't give up, you must stay on the ciprlaex for no less than 6 months for it to fully do it's job. Never take cipralex on an empty stomach, and try drinking it with milk. Never stop just like that, the affects you worse and then you have to start all over again. Always consult your doctor first before deciding to stop or take a lower dose. You need to be weened of the does which takes no more than 7 days. Hope this helps a little so that you will be positive about continuing on cipralex

I've been taking Cipralex for about six weeks now. Was suffering from moderate to severe depression after my wife announced that for the last few months, she had been considering separation/divorce. Starting the medication was pretty much an intervention. Definitely have noticed a significant improvement in my mood and sense of well being. I also believe that this improvement has really helped me get through counseling with my wife. Things are looking much better for us btw.

Now the side effects. I felt nausea the first day, and have felt it, to a varying degree, almost every day since. Prior to starting the mess, I was not sleeping well due to stress and depression, so the reduction of those (largely due to the medication) helped me sleep better. That being said, once I had been on it for a week or so, I started dreaming pretty much every night; something I hadnt done in years. In the last couple of weeks, my dreams have been waking me up and causing me to not sleep well. Also, my libido has noticeably decreased, as well as my 'prowess' in that department.

Overall, the positives outweigh the side effects, but I think once spring rolls around (when my mood typically improves), I'll try to wean myself back off.

I am only 17 ive been taking cipralex for 2weeks now all of the side effects are showing, im taking it with a similar medicine called rivotril, im taking these medicines due to panic attacks anxiety and depression, its not in my family history and i feel like no one in my family is understanding what im going through i feel like no one is there for me, i am really scared because im very young and im struggeling through this alone, my medication is for 9 months and if i dont cure it will be for three years. Ps: i have a few question is feeling over sensitive and very left out normal¿ i also feel sometimes that im not gonna cure im afraid of going outside of my house ive been sitting in bed for 2 weeks this is making me feel worse. Im glad there is a blog like this to contact with people who have the same case... Sara

HI I started Cipralex last week , after 5or 6 hr. I experienced discomfort in the left side of my face as I was eating and after I still feel a presure and some pain in the mornings when I first eat. My Dr. thinks it is my sinus and gave me antibie but no better after 5 days . wondering if anyone else have had something like this I am on 10 mgs

I have been taking Ciraplex for awhile now, and i only just upped my dosage to 20 ml, and have been experiencing terrible joint pain,

Hi Peter its almost a week since I increased to 15 mg. I feel exactly like you. Always tired wanting to nap but I can't. What happened tou you did it go away? Did you have to decrease? Thanks for the help


Hi ive been on cipralex 10 mg for about 2 months. Didnt feel alot of improvement. Only after 6 weeks . I was finally able to do other stuff than watch tv. I saw my doc last week and he increasedy dosage to 15mg. Since then I feel like its the begining all over again. Nausea always tired dont wanna do anything.... should I be concerned maybe jts not the right med for me.

Thabks for the help


The medication can cause more anxiety at the begining I was feeling like you. Give it time

You to reduce gradually. Of coursecthere is side effects but they will go away after a month max

I did its the anxiety of course at the beging you tend to be more anxious before the meds gets its full effect (6-8weeks) in your system. However we are all different you might see improvemwnt before that


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I took cipralex for 9 years weaned off them between October and December 2012 and have been feeling really terrible I have lost 1 stone 4 lbs, no appetite, pains in my stomach and back, hot flushes day and night, need a good cry, nausea, sleepless nights. It has helped reading other comments knowing I am not on my own.

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Just started taking cperalex today for the first time. So far just diarreaha.. but I'm expecting worse to come

I've been on cipralex for over 3 months with similar symptoms. I'm thinking that the my quiet happy attitude is much better than my nervous angry negative one before going on cipralex. However you'd mentioned meds for headaches. I'm looking at getting "migraine glasses" to protect my nerves from fluorescent lights found in LCD monitors/TVs/stores, etc. Just Google "migraine glasses" and you should find Theraspecs, Axon Optics, Moran Optical. At Walmart optical dept., I saw a display of "computer glasses" that claim to do the same thing, only $29 CAD. Hope this info can help you all out there.

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I've been taking Cipralex for about eight months and i think is a great way to help you with depression. The first two days i had shaking hands and i couldn;t "control" my body and speech. I found it very difficult to do or say something because my thought was much faster than i really was but after these two days everything was ok... Long naps were on the schedule too!!

I've been taking Cipralex for about 5 days now at 2.5 mg (my dose for the first two weeks) - within an hour of taking my dose I get extremely tired except I have a lot of trouble sleeping. It's been 5 straight nights of no sleep which is difficult however I've felt a huge improvement in my level of anxiety and depression. This medication has already changed my life for the better and I'd definitely say that the benefits outweigh the potential side effects. My advice to anyone considering taking this medication would be to start on a really small dosage like I am so that you don't get hit full force with any negative side effects. Dry mouth is another side effect but because I'm taking such a small dosage at the moment I haven't experienced any other side effects. I FEEL GREAT all things considered.

I've been taking it for about 3 months. I also take Seroquel and Wellbutrin.

I've been on the other 2 meds for years with no negative side effects. Since I've been on the Cipralex I've been super yawning. Tired. My sex drive actually is more then it used to be. My main worried, and I've called my doctor to find out more about it, is the tingling in my left arm. My joints ache. Anyone else having the tingling side effects?

Yes I actually have the same symptoms as you


I concur the side effects from cipro seem insane!

I have been on cipralex for 3 days now and the side effect are as follows; 1)I feel high like as if mushrooms are just starting to kick in (I took mushrooms back in college a couple time, this is how I know, I'm 31 now). 2)massive loss of apeitite (I'm also on a omaprozole a heartburn med which increase this effect). 3) memory loss, i can't remember what i'm in the middle of doing. 4) And last but not lest, I am having hard time orgasming, but my erections are super, like I mean rock hard, i'm pretty sure a midget could do chin up on it, hard!
As for my moderate depession not much of a change yet, but I know it takes time for this drug to work.
I wish everyone out there reading this the very best, your not alone!

I need to add to my above comment. I think this blog page might be scaring a lot of people, and to those of you out there who read this blog in fear please remember this;
People are not often compelled to write on blogs such as this when the cipralex their taking is not having major adverse side effects, in other words you've come to a place that others have seeked out due to the harsh side effects they're experiencing. Remember for every one of these people posting their are 100's of people that have taken cipralex and have been o.k. and those people simply have gotten on with their lives with no need for blogs like this....

I successfully used Paxil about ten years ago in a time of crisis and was able to neutralize my demons and resolve my issues over a period of a few months and coming off it was no trouble either.

When I needed help again it was of no use, and made things worse, so I discontinued it. Again, a few years later, also to no avail.

Suffering tremendous stress and depression again and now after month on clonazapam 1mg per day recently eased my anxiety vut did not treat my depression and began to cause fatigue and worry on a regular basis.

After a dramatic recent success, my friend recommended cipralex. I've been on it four days now 10mg per day. Something is changing. im experiencing some wild mood swings but overall a calmer state of mind. Historically I respond quickly to side effects, within hours usually so this doesn't alarm me yet, and what I've read is consistent with my current situation. This will have to stableize if I'm going to stick with it so I will give it a few more days before making a decision. I've also heard Effexor is helping many people. Thanks to those who've commented and also for any others who may add to my observations. This blog has been very helpful so far.

I have been on cipralex for 8 weeks and feel much better. The worst side effect is hot flushes and feeling nauseous and out of sorts. The flushes are darn scary but I recognize them now for what they are and hope they will eventually go away....anyone else with these sensations?

I am on week two, and I am sure mentally I feel better as my thought process is way clearer than just a month ago. I've had a lot happen personally in the last 12 months, and have always thought depression was just a scape goat. When I talked with my GP about some sleep issues I literally broke down in his office, and he started picking things out with just some simple questions. I quickly learned that depression is very real, and can hit anyone dealing with the extras that come with life. Alot of people have commented on various side effects, and most of which I have as well. The stomach issues are getting better, but I still lost almost 20lbs. My wife has commented that there are some nights I shake, or twitch. Almost like a mini siezure. I sometimes feel like I can't sit still. (while typing this my feet are tapping, but there is no music) The biggest thing that I have noticed is that I am still very aroused when it comes to my wife, but acheiving orgasim is almost impposible. It may be a private subject, but if users of Cipralex don't know this is a side effect, it can be very stressful time between couples. I would say that so far the feeling of control I have regained over my way of thinking far out weighs the side effects I am going through. My GP has said a 6 month time frame should be enough for me to get through some issues, and then start to wein myself from the drug. Any men who are concerned of this side effect need to put it aside, talk with your partner, and deal with it. The medication helps, does not have to be long term, and will be worth the results your looking for.

I have been on Cipralex (10mg)for 3 weeks now . ( I am a 25 year old female) I am about 4 days away from my cycle starting and I cannot stop eating , which is strange since normally I have no appetite at all. Has anyone else noticed this

I have been on cipralex(10mg 1x/day))and lyrica(500 mg x 6/day) for a month or so now and feel so zoned out, confused, irritable, angry, absolutely tired, want to nap at my desk at work,blury vision,etc.
I'm not sure which medication is causing these feelings. Any suggestions.

I've had all my side effects go away except for feeling tired but not sleeping well and I'm now 2 weeks in, anyone suffering from major side effects after 4 to 6 weeks should talk to their doctor and perhaps try something else.

Increased my ten mg dose to twenty mg per day three days ago. Taking half a twenty at eight am and eight pm. Immensely improved results in every category. Extremely pleased so far. Mood swings have virtually disappeared. Here's hoping it lasts or improves. I'm prepared to up it by ten more if needed but will wait to see if this dosage maintains recent stablility.

Almost normal most of the day. If this continues I may be able to resolve the crises.

Thanks to all for your posts. Extremely useful and I am sharing with others I know who are suffering but not yet equipped to surrender to experimentation of a science that in many cases can mean salvation from torture.

Good luck to all.

Increased my ten mg dose to twenty mg per day three days ago. Taking half a twenty at eight am and eight pm. Immensely improved results in every category. Extremely pleased so far. Mood swings have virtually disappeared. Here's hoping it lasts or improves. I'm prepared to up it by ten more if needed but will wait to see if this dosage maintains recent stablility.

Almost normal most of the day. If this continues I may be able to resolve the crises.

Thanks to all for your posts. Extremely useful and I am sharing with others I know who are suffering but not yet equipped to surrender to experimentation of a science that in many cases can mean salvation from torture.

Good luck to all.

I agree! Been on it for 2 years after having been on Effexor for several years. I noticed when my dosage was upped to 20 mg, I started the weight gain. Having been a size 1-3 all my life, I now weight 153lbs with 40 of those pounds just in the last year! AND have ha to add a second drug to the mix because of cipralex max doseage being 20mg. Except for the weight, I've had no bad affects from it and have been way better on than off it!

It's interesting to read other people's comments regarding the side effects with Cipralex. This medication definitely effects those differently and should be viewed as such. I'm on my 4th week now (10 mg) and I've had absolutely no side effects that I've read from others. I've even done some social drinking without side effects. What has happened though is my mood change and for the better. I wasn't expecting it to work so quickly but I tell ya, what a difference. I'm a 50 yr old man and to say with pride, have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter. Before Cipralex, my thoughts were not good. To give an example, I would sit and stare at her wondering what her life would be like with her father 6 ft under. These thoughts are not something I'm proud of but depression has no boundaries. I was smart enough to seek help and being on Cipralex, it's doing the job nicely. It's not to say it's for everyone but for this guy, things are brighter for myself and for everyone in my life. This is one blog that has all the positives so far and I wish upon others the same fortunes I'm experiencing to date.

Well, I am into it now for just over a month, and I can honestly say I feel great. My attitude over all is back to where it used to be. I can now sleep through the night, not get pissy for no real reason, and am actually starting to put weight back on. As for intimate issues with my wife....all back to normal. Anyone with concerns for using this med needs to at least give it a fair shake. Its working for me, and that alone is worth it. Good luck to all, and thanks for everyones post's.

I have been on cipralex for three years now , I started off at 10mg now I am on 30 mg . Is anyone else taking such a high dose? Or is my doctor crazy ??

I've been on 20 mg Cipralex for a year now. After the initial 6 weeks I started feeling an improvement in my anxiety and energy levels. Basically my over all well being improved. However for the past 2 months I've been experiencing self doubt and over sleeping plus periods of numbness where I just don't want to answer phone calls from friends or see anyone.I'm not feeling unhappy but I don't have the energy to do anything and don't want to take any responsibility or committ to anything. Why is this happening?

Omg i can not belive you are so many on Cipralex! Are you all of you depressed? Did you think twice if you really need it? Do you know that it is "beginning of end"? This is a huge business for pharmaceutic companies. All of you should think about your life and health, choose natural way of treatment, learn to relax etc. not to use this terrible drugs!

Went on cipralex about 5 months ago. Didn't find it was helping so I decided to wean my self off. reduced from 20mg by taking it every second day and eventually 10mg and now down to nothing. However, I keep hearing this electrical noise in my head and keep waking up in the middle of the night. Otherwise no other side effects.

When I was on it however, the biggest change was delayed ejaculation. No loss of sex drive, but endurance actually increased substantially.

Over all, not worth being on this med.

In response to the blog from anonymous dated April 10, 2013, your comments took me by surprise. You advise people to seek "natural ways for treatment and to just relax, etc..". Define "natural ways" please, I'd be interested to know and for those people to "just relax"... well I'm wondering if you've ever been in such a depressive state to the point of having thoughts of death floating around inside your head or had anxiety so bad that it takes control of your life? Cipralex is not a "flower power" pill you take to make you feel relaxed and go with the flow, it's a treatment for unbalanced chemicals in the brain which causes anxiety and depression, sometimes major on both counts. Certain states of depression require certain degrees of treatment whether through therapy, medication or such. Remember, Cipralex is a doctor prescribed drug to help control those unbalanced chemicals in the brain and give people a better chance at living a wonderful life. No, it's not for everyone and it certainly affects those differently too but I think it's unfair to question people's motives behind the use if it or to say this drug is "terrible"... seems a tad harsh. I've been on Cipralex for a short period of time now and it's done wonders for me and my family! It's not easy to snap out of a depressive state through "relaxation". I'm happy for what Cipralex is doing for me and as long as I'm being the person I like, I'll continue to use it. I certainly view my family more importantly than ever, thanks to Cipralex!

I've been taking cipralex for about 5 months. I started because I've dealt with add symptoms my whole life and didn't want to go back to stimulants. Ive always had a hard time motivating myself to be productive. I also suffered from pretty regular migraines that left me pretty useless for a day or more.

I take 10mg daily. After the initial month of weird side effects, I started to "level out" and started to feel like the drug was definitely starting to improve my moods, my sleep got deeper, I feel"warmer", I have an easier time focusing on tasks, and the migraines are almost completely gone.

Negative side effects include occasionally feeling more tired than I should (I've had to watch my diet to combat this, and started taking the pill at night) and a significant drop in libido. I find my libido has good weeks and bad though. Also, if I ever miss a pill and compensate by taking it when I remember, I feel off for a couple days.

All in all I think the bad outweighs the good.

I have been taking cipralex 10mg for 3 years now. I have decrease to 5 mg on my own now and again when I feel like I'm in a better state of mind, only to go back to the 10mg. My doctor is aware of this and she always asks when I see her how my mood is. I have a family history of depression so will probably be on this for the rest of my life, I'm ok with this as I find I cope with both anxiety & depression way better while on it. I have no major side effects other than weight gain, up 30 lbs since I started. Constantly crave carbohydrates and not the good kind either. Since there is a family history and some of my relatives are also on meds I have asked what they feel on their medication and trust me, from what they tell me, I'm glad my doctor put me on cipralex!

If you are dealing with stress and situational depression I highly recommend you don't take any ssri drugs unless you really are in danger of suicide. They are highly addictive and you should think about the aspect of psychiatrists being paid, not based on how many people they cure, but how much meds they push. You should definitely try talking it through with therapists, not all are good. Also read philosophy, no joke, epictetus and marcus auralius were stoic philosophers, they were pretty amazing. I wish I never started taking the drugs, but it was supposedly the only way. I have been on them ssris for 10 years now and am very addicted. I don't know if I can ever come off these now, I wish I researched more before starting, but you still can. You may just need to work through issues, life is messed up and can really get to be too much. Maybe you need to put things on hold and really search inside to see whats up. I hope things get better for you, depression can be a gift as it can force you to look inside yourself, and it taught me to really appreciate just having an ok day.

Day 6 of Cipralex 5mg for me, going to start 10mg tomorrow night. So far no huge changes in my anxiety (why I'm taking it) although noticing a little less depression (starting to laugh a lot more, be playful with people, etc.) Fortunately I haven't experienced too many side effects. The first day I took midday and really regretted it. Couldn't think straight, very tired, almost like an "out of body" experience. That night I slept pretty poorly as well, went to bed at 11pm and slept until 3, was awake for an hour then slept until 8am. From then on I've been taking it before bed and have slept brilliantly. Getting out of bed in the morning sometimes can be difficult but motivation is key. I've also been doing Zumba first thing every morning for 30mins to an hour (started a month before taking Cipralex) . At first I feel pretty unenergized but after about two songs in I feel ready to take on the rest of the class.
I feel like this drug's side effects mostly needs to fought with keen motivation. Constantly keeping moving or keeping your brain active not only counteracts the grogginess but also helps both anxiety and depression. So far no weight gain, in fact I've became less hungry than before.

I forgot to note from my last post directly above) that I also drink water all day and supplement my diet with vitamin B complex daily. Maybe this affects me in a good way?

Cheers & good luck.

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Hello! I have been on Cipralex for a month. I felt great besides dry mouth for the first week. I asked the doctor for anti-depressant because I hit rock bottom with my job and hb. I needed something to take the edge-off so I can continue on with my daily routine.
It worked like a charm during the first two weeks.
Last week onwards(3rd week into my med), I felt frigidity, trouble gaining full focus on everything I do(where I even backed my car into a poll!!), low energy, achy and trouble waking-up in the morning.
I am a good "muti-tasker", but recently, I literally have to manually instruct my brain to focus.
I am feeling awful because I am always tired. I want to be able to do things with my children, and chores around the house. Also, soon, I will be studying from home while working part-time.
Has anyone experienced similar symptoms as me?
I would like to know is it Cipralex or I need stronger med.

I was on Cipralex 10mg since 2010. Before this I tried Paxil and other meds. When I went on Cipralex my condition wasn't too bad and it helped me immediately with no side effects except for a little weight gain. Last year my depression and anxiety came back and my dr increased Cipralex to 20mg. I felt really awful and it didnt seem to help my anxiety. I reduced it back down to 10mg but 10days I increased it again. The first day on 20mg I felt relly tired and sleepy after taking it but within 3 hours I felt fine and actually began to feel great. My first full week was actually great. My second week on 20mg I again began to feel tired and spaced out. My anxiety was a little better but still there. I also felt some depression. I also felt like electricity is going through my legs and feet and my hands and finngers are also tinglining. Needless to say I'm really unhappy I began to feel worse. The dr said that it can take 2 to 3 weeks to get the full effect so I'm going wait this out. I'm also taking 30mg of Rmoron at bedtime.

Hope to get better soon.

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Since my last post I decided to reduce my Cipralex back down to 10mg from 20mg. I was on 20 for almost 2weeks and every morning after taking it I was so spaced out that it was difficult driving and it did nothing for my anxiety and depression. I'm also on 30mg of Remoron which I want to continue on since it helps me to sleep and is supposed to help with depression and anxiety. So anyways yesterday I started back on 10mg and didn't feel spaced out but normal. The good news is that my anxiety and depression lifted and today I'm still feeling good. Cipralex is a good med and I hope this combined dosage and cognitive thinking will continue to help.

I just started Cipralex and I get the shakes, headaches, sweats, feavers and dizziness.
I've taken other medications, took myself off, figured that I was doing just fine, when I turned for the worst and started towards on suicide.
Ambulance came, hooked me on tubes on tubes of I.V. to flush out the medications that I've taken. Now that my Dr. has prescribed me these new ones, I have the urge to vomit, my head is turning in circles. How long does this last.


Hi Pauline - what dosage did you start on? They say all those side effects should go away after one week. On 10mg I didn't get any side effects but on 20mg I did feel spaced out and that didnt go away so I scaled back after one and a half weeks. Hopefully it's helping your depression. Cipralex is supposed to be one of the better drugs out there,

Hang in there. I hope you get better soon!

Wow! I didn't get through all these comments but there are clearly common side effects. I've been on 20 mg for a year and a half and I remember it made me feel worse for weeks before I got used to taking them. I think they have helped my anxiety, but I have lost my libido and I think it's time to start weaning myself off them. Wish me luck!

I have been on Cipralex for three years. They have saved my life. I got to the point I could not drive, I was nervous to go out by myself and the list goes on. I drive and I work. You can still get panic attacks, but you can deal with them. If I am on these pills the rest of my life, so be it. I am a functioning human being again, not what I had become. I had no side effects at all.

took half a cipralex 20 minutes ago puking my face off never again

I just gave in. After suffering from the worst anxiety/panic attacks over the last 8 months, I finally decided to take something for it. Have had anxiety attacks a few times over the past 12 years, but worse-daily-over the past 8 months.
Was taking Ativan 0.5mg (when I needed it)....took maybe two or three over a 10 year period. Have been taking them every day now.
Today I got a prescription for Cipralex.
I was afraid before....but now I'm really afraid. The comments I'm reading make me feel less comfortable about taking it..People are throwing up? I already suffer from IBS...(probably from anxiety as well), but his apparently can make it worse? The side effects don't sound good.
Has this pill seriously improved the lives of anyone who felt they weren't "living" prior to taking Cipralex?
Please if there is anyone out there who can help me, let me know.

Over the past 8 months I have been on a nutrition and exercise plan. I lost 46 lbs. I have been thrilled with my success. Unfortunately I have been going through a LOT of family and work stress. In April I fell into a depression and began having Anxiety attacks (BRUTAL!) I held off taking meds because of fear of gaining weight. But I couldn't keep living with this. On day 2 of taking Cipralex 10mg. Day 2 I woke up at 2:30 am and could not get back to sleep. After going to work I began to feel down. I figured it was just the depression. When I began to feel worse, I decided to go home. By the time I got home, I was pulsing in the chest, shaky hands and very nauseated and exhausted. Went to lie down, and could feel like an electrical pulse throughout my whole body. I found this blog site, and I am strangely encouraged about my symptoms. It's been only a few hours that have past and I already feel 10 times better. I am looking forward to more positive results. I feel God has pulled me to this point to be an encourager to others who suffer this debilitating illness. Stay strong everyone!

Well it's day 3. Had an amazing sleep. I still feel the shaky hands and nausea, but way less today. I am more encouraged then ever today that the medicine is working. Hope this helps to anyone starting cipralex or any antidepressant. God Bless!

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I have been on Cipralex for 15 days started at 0.5 mg and now am at 10 mg. Lots of side effects: insomnia, sleepy during the day etc. but the one which i am concerned is my belly is like really swollen and hard so much that i took a pregnancy test to make sure and it was negative. Anyone had that ? I read gut problems but am french so don't know if this meens stomach also ? The medz help my anxiety alot so i don't want to stop...

Thank you for your responses.

I understand that everyone will react to things like this very differently but I'm really nervous at all of the negative feedback. I also know that people are more likely to give feedback if they have negative feelings. That being said I wish my doctor had given me more information before I started taking them! I'm only on day two but my restlessness seemed to start almost instantly. I'm constantly shaking my feet or tapping things. I'm also feeling very out of focus, with a very short attention span. However that seems to be helping as part of my problem is getting out of my head. I know it takes time to know how it will work for me but I'm curious. How addictive is it? Is it more likely to gain weight or to lose weight? How often does it affect libido etc? In two months I'm leaving to Asia for 5 months and I really want to get all of this sorted before I leave!

Well its been Two weeks exactly since starting Cipralex. The first week was awful. Felt way worse for a good 6 days. But now, I feel back to myself. Feeling bright and very encouraged. I feel now I can start to address whatever got me to that state of anxiety and depression in the first place. I encourage you to get your blood work done. For guys, ask about your testosterone level. Mine was off the chart low, which can lead to depression. Also, make sure you are taking proper vitamins. My doctor has me taking 10,000 iu's of Vitamin D3 every day as well as good Omega 3. I don't plan on staying on Cipralex for the rest of my life, but I am sure glad I have it now so I can heal and start to fix the problem. Hang in there if you are just starting. That nasty feeling will go away, and you are going to benefit from this big time! Keep strong everyone.

Just came off Effexor. Which is supposed to be the hardest drug to come off. I was taking ciprilex to help curb the withdrawal. Now I'm on 20 mg and no Effexor. Feel so tired all the time. Even more so than usual. And I have zero appetite/sex drive. I have all the racing thoughts still. And I can feel the panic but its numbed by the cipriliex. But i feel numb to anything and i feel like total crap. Going to cut back down to 10 mg. and see if I can cruise on it.

Wish me luck!


I have been on about 4 or 5 months now. I used to have super high anxiety to the point where I would call them panic attacks where I would actually have to rock back and forth for relief. (only happened twice). But, that being said my anxiety was high enough daily to cause physical uncomfort in the nerves in my arms and legs and everywhere.

I am taking 1/2 a dose 5mg, and find that I am so much calmer and probably way easier to deal with for other people as well because that pain has gone away.

My main side effects are gastrointestinal, and also that you need to be careful with memory loss when combined with alcohol. Even with a few drinks I seem to forget conversations etc. a lot more.

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