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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seroxat VS. Cipralex

for your benefits, i've had the chance to try both, and I must tell you that cipralex is way better in terms of the side effects, they almost completely dissappear after two - three weeks comparing with seroxat that even after months i still felt strong side effects, including chills, teeth clinching, shaking, breathing wierd and sweat....the worse part was the sweat, cipralex after 10 days all the side effects almost gone completely , so if you ask me i'd prefer cipralex much more than seroxat...



i tried both and i cant tell you still if cipralex is good because i start a 2 weeks ago but seroxat was the best i ever had . the only problem was that although i took 18 months it didnt cure me.

Hi Anna,
thanks for your comments, I too tried seroxat couple of years ago... I agree this stuff is very strong, but the side effects for me where terrible, and eventually it didn't cure me too... at least cipralex side effects are all gone after a month...
I hope this time it will help you more, but remember eventually it is only you that can cure yourself... try to study some NLP techniques and self hypnosis, the combination of this with the pills makes wonders...
take care.

hi johny

the only problem i have with this antidepressants is my gallbladder.
i dont know if cipralex cure but i hope so, my id is annajanette i would like to talk more about this, if you really want to, of course to exchange opinions.

Hi Anna,
I will email you something so you can reply back, my user id is shmulikan so feel free to ask and discuss anything you want.