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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 8 on Cipralex...

one week after, woke up once again with huge boner and really horney, but it seems like it setteled down or something, i wonder if there will be a change soon...because im starting to feel kinda stuck again and its annoying, but at least i do not get much panic attacks lately, a general feeling of less giving a fuck about things...kinda tierd even tought i sleep more... and its easier to fall a sleep now...i feel like lying in the sun,

now its afternoon , just got some bad news from my bro, usually i would over react and have pa but i guess its much more manageable... yet still feel kinda stuck, had a quick arguement but i didnt have the flushes or panic while at it...ended it without giving a fuck...and afterwards not that pissed just dont care...or care less....or care but not with panic symphtoms