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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 6 stretching was fun

had a kinda ok morning, after i had hard time falling a sleep, but once i sleep, i sleep good, streching in the morning was fun, also started singing songs from time time...thats new... usually i get an attack before meetings, today i have one and i feel like the attack is depressed a bit, but still there, i dont know why its still there, hope it will be gone totally soon...

also took a 10mg for the 2nd day now... but havent been a week or two from i started taking it... mean while i do see mild improvement... and if thats only after few days i wonder what will happen after two weeks or a month which is the minimum time for it to start kicking , so far the side effects are manageable and much less than what i tought they will be like...after noon now, my teeth clintching chilled again... later on we went to meet with eya and i once again had an anxiety before the meeting dunno why, not too serious this time... also i can say that im still freezing but just that i less give a ...about it...