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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 20 to 27 with cipralex...

i sleep a lot , still wake up tired , still not feeling good enough, but there is improvement, yesterday i had a panic attack suppressed....still felt it...i will wait until a month will pass , see if there's a major improvement...mean while its up and down, mostly down... my patience is running out, I'm getting restless and i want action now, come on already, I've notice i got anxious and can't wait no more , however i do feel better , or at least stronger and very pissed or angry at this thing that annoys me, very angry about it... so angry that i will start moving things to fix it , face it and deal with it until it will lower its face in shame.

wOKe up OK, feeling OK, went to get some shiatsu was good, had nice talk also notice i said hi to this lady outside, something which i would normally wouldn't do, however i still felt kind of stressed or with low self esteem or what ever you want to call it just not comfortable enough...also had small anxiety or panic attack
wOKe feeling good, had good dreams too, I'm feeling that i can set my focus on what i want now, its time to face my daemons! side effects almost gone...
today i don't feel like reporting
went out for a short walk with a friend, side effects almost gone totally, had a headache but i think i got a cold or something
today i went out and felt better in situation that usually i get nerves about, had few minor communications which went OK, which is awesome for start...i know its not much but its better than nothing and better than before...