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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 14, 15 and 16 with cipralex...

2 weeks now, i do feel a little change, but i cant say its dramatic, hopefully from tommarow i will... have been in the toilet for the 2nd day now, thats cant be good... just had a mild panic attack, i think, it was very restrained comparing with the old ones...met with some people went ok, didnt care too much, which was nice to feel totally ok infront of strangers...also went next to a girl that smelled really good, wanted to say something about it, almost did....but didnt...yet

woke up feeling little better today, even had the power to deal with a business meeting i initiated, which doesnt happen much lately, so its a good sign...still could sleep more...much more, i wake up tierd and sleepy, i do feel as if i just need to place my self in the right place and things will start rolling from one hand but from the other hand i feel as if im not prepared to deal with them...

feel so tired today, slept in the afternoon too, still could not get out of the house...dunno why... i've started working on my new pua project