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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 13 almost 2 weeks on cipralex

1 day before the two weeks, i think im starting to feel better, the side effect got even lower, jaws are better now, had some pain in the last couple of days in there, anyways, no panic attacks so far, had fun stretching and i really want to get into the game soon. i hope tomorrow the change will be more noticeable, cause they said it only kick in after 2 - 4 weeks...

had an arguments without flushes or panic attacks that's also new to me, usually after i start arguing I feel like the fight or flight effect automatically running lose in my blood, but this time it was restrained well, and besides i need to set the stage for moving



Hi there, I just started Cipralex, I am wondering what you mean about the jaw thing? is that a side effect? I just started today and I am queezy and my jaw hurts...I am worried that I have started a new job and thankfully not full time and planning a wedding, (will I be a bridezilla and the loon at work?) I really apprieciate your blog as this has been difficult for me to do..Back to this again! (Ugh!) PS are the headaches common? Thank you for your input.