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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

After 7 Years Break...Starting all over...AGAIN

Its been seven years since the last time i've been taking cipralex, but now it seems i will have to do it once again... I will update this blog to help you guys once again, feel free to ask anything you want, i know what you want to know...and i'll write about it every day...
so if you've just started treatment and have questions this is the place to be.




i know you don't post as frequently anymore, but i just started taking cipralex (day 2) and i found your blog during one of my google searches. and i'm glad i did! nice to see how someone else is dealing with the medication.

Hi there

Today is my first day of Cipralex 10 mg and I really hope that your blog will help me to heal myself through this phase.... Thanks for posting such blogs...:-)