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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 196: Breaking Up, Getting Back Together and 20 MG Cipralex

My dear friends, first of all I want to thank you all again for your comments and emails,
I read them all and they make me smile and get more energy to keep posting and telling you all how I am, I'm happy that we help each other and that you help other people in the comments - I notice that and I appreciate it.

Now for some updates, You must be wondering what I've been up to...
Well I had some rough times with my girl friend, and we broke up for like a week, its seems like we were together for years....and its just three months, I'm happy I haven't told her anything about cipralex, its not the right time, and its pointless to share it with someone you're not 100% sure she's gona stick around.

Anyways, the day we broke up I had a meeting with my shrink, I haven't planned that, but this is what happened, so I went to the meeting, he said I look sad...I told him its because I just broke up with my girlfriend and that i'm still feeling better than before...never the less he said he want us to increase the dosage to 20 MG...after a while...of talking...I said OK.

So now i'm 20 MG, there's a difference, and a few days after the meeting my x girlfriend
want to get back together...I'm a bit confused but i'm doing ok.

I haven't had any side effects for a while now and I'm aint scared of anything, No panic attacks and nothing like that...

will update more soon
take care
and thank for writing...



I just want to thank you for creating your blog. Today I was given Cipralex from my doctor after a break down yesterday which almost ended up with me in the hospital. I literally felt like I was losing it. Booked an emergency appointment, and walked out with this trial. He's going to try me on it, and in 4 weeks time if I'm doing better then the prescription will come.

Reading your blog gives me hope.

I've struggled with depression from a young age, and this blog gives me hope that things will be better and where I want them. :)


That's too bad about your girlfriend, but things will work out - they always do.

I have been on 20mg for 5 weeks now. I just started on 150 mg Wellbutrin also. Doctor said this should help even more...havent noticed a change with the Wellbutrin, but the Cipralex has totally mellowed me out.

Hi there.. I think its great that you are keeping this blog of your experience. I just wanted to say that it seems like cipralex is a secret you are somewhat embarassed about. For me, I don't think its a big deal. Having problems with anxiety or panic isn't a shameful thing, and getting treatment is just taking care of yourself. I've told several friends I'm on cipralex and none have blinked. I think we make it more than what it needs to be. Good luck and all the best to you. Ken

I don't have to discuses what med I have taken with anyone It's my life and I control it .. They want to around me that's fine If not there problem not mine ..


I was in the same situation as you. I did not tell my then gf about being on Cipralex. I was always thinking that I was going to come off the meds so there is no point of sharing with her that I was taking them. To tell you the truth I was ashamed of being on these meds, as if I have something less than others. I ended up going off the meds and we ended up getting married. The anxiety came back a month ago and I went back on the cipralex. I told her the entire history and she was disappointed I never told her to begin with, not that she would run away, but that she would know about it and try to help me out. She is an angel. This decision is entirely up to you, however I think you may have a great support system in your girlfriend you are not tapping into, and based on experience, I think sharing things that may be difficult for you with your loved one just brings te two of you closer to another.

All in all, Im glad everything worked out for you guys and are you are back together as well as you are doing well on Cipralex.

All the best.

Hi there, I am now day 5..I can hardly yawn without the urgh to vomit, it has been a challenge. My fiance knows about it, but it is difficult for him to fully understand what it is like. I have to keep this on the DL, due to my profession. If I need counselling I leave the city to another city and seek help anonymously. It is kind of hard that way. Today, I felt a hint of the pill kicking in..I felt happy, like really happy with no hint of sadness, for the first times in YEARS! I was in denial for soo felt great. Side effects stink, but Im sticking with it as each day it fades a bit more...thank you for this blog it has really helped.

hi there.

Just wanna say thanks for what your doing. One question.

Was there a noticeable improvement switching from 15 mg to 20mg?

I went from 10mg then to 20mg. I am freshly grieving for the loss of my mom. I dont know what to say, I am suppose to be feeling better, which I did initially, but then my mom died. This has been so bloody hard. Side effects, yes abusolutly there has been with the increase in my dosage. I think if I wasnt so devastated in losing my mom, I would be doing great. But my mom left me severely in debt, and I am on my own, dealing with it all...I dont know how much more I can take. I just hope I can numb out real damn soon.

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