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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 265: Gotta be some good times ahead

Hello my friends,
been very busy lately, but all in all better...busy and better...maybe more better than busy... :)
I had one day in which i was very very angry, had no patience to anything or anybody, also had some arguments with lots of people that day...

but it seems like a distant memory now... no panic attacks, no depression, no pressure, dealing with everything ok, relationship with my girlfriend is great, everything seems to run smoothly... we do have our ups and downs, but its ok, the ups starting to be more than than the downs... we moved in together(something that would normally make me panic and think too much), also met her family, friends, etc... been present in many stressing situations, but it seems like everything went ok :)

I'm still on the pill...(no kidding...) its 265 days now... I'm meeting my doc tomorrow...see what he will say... I still avoid certain situations or try to.. but much less than regrets about taking cipralex... meanwhile seems like it was the smartest thing to do.

I still haven't told my gf about this...maybe i never will, thank god I got you guys.

take care,
I will post more soon.



Im just starting to take Cipralex today...Your blog has really inspired me.

Thank you for sharing with us! My doc has actually recommend that I use cipralex to get things under control,(unusual because he doesn't prescribe drugs often) then I can try everything else to maintain. Im defiantly worried about taking it but that could also be because I worry about everything! ha
Thanks again, you have help me feel a little better about it!!

I'm glad you are doing this blog it seems to be helping a lot of people . My husband recently started on cipralex we talk about how it makes him feel and the side effects . I'll watch your blog to see how things go for you . I'm sorry you don't feel safe telling your girlfriend about it though in a loving relationship you need to feel safe to be open and honest and be yourself . I am also sorry that people do put a stigma on depression and medication because it is so prevalent in society and if more people talked about more people could get help . So thank you for at least having the courage to take it this far . Kim.

Hey I was on cipralex for two months (doctor said I should be on it for minimum 6 months.) I didn't listen and never went back after the two month prescription he prescribed me. Bad mistake, I thought i was ok to get off them( stopped for 20 days) slowly during those 20 days the anxiety and depression crept back. Well I'm back on them and this time I will listen to the doc. This blog is great, keep it up.

i came across your blog here ... sorry for my english, i am greek. i was having panic attacks almost 6 years ago and i started seroxat... i was on this treatment at first for 1,5 year before i first tried to stop and after 5 months the symptoms came back... i started using once more for about 3 years and i was off them for 7 months now... was doing pretty great but new changes in my life made me start having anxiety crisis again... today its my fisrt day on cipralex when i came across your page... hope its better... i am concerned if in the end all this cure us or just have results only while we are on treatment

Hi i am from Finland and started with cipra when i had minor brain stroke first month 5 mg now 3 days 7,5 mg also use opamox for panick attacks so far so good... Thank you for your blog good bedtime reading :-)