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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 166: Just so you'll know i'm still kicking

Once again its been a while since i've posted, but in a way thats a good thing, I spend most of my time with my girlfriend and friends, having fun living.

I'm very calm...maybe a bit too calm, at least that what my gf thinks, I haven't told her anything about it yet, and with a little luck I would never need to.

Everything is fine, no panic attacks lately maybe just a mild one couple of days ago...but nothing serious...

I will post more soon.
take care and happy holidays



today is my first day of my 4th week on cipralex.

I havn't noticed too much of a change in my self yet. But i've been insanely tired during the evenings. and... well dont get me started on trying to get me out of bed (so much effort to get up) So much effort to make the choice to fall asleep too.

Really really really thank you for this blog, ive read all of it and It makes me feel alot better just reading it. I might mention it to my doctor if you dont mind :) just so others like me can find a 'real' experiance guide, not just the 4 page pamphlet that comes with the drugs.

I start taking Cipralex 5 mg today

I may be lost but what about Caffeine and Cipralex?

Caffeine seems to be fine (im drinking a coffee as we speak) Yet my doctor warned me about LARGE amounts of caffine, as they might increase anxiety. He also told me to NEVER drink another energy drink.

Asparatame makes my head go crazy on cipralex. I dont recommend diet pops.

better to stay away from any other pills, diet stuffs and energy drinks, also wouldn't recommend aspirin... at least not in the begining... the effect vary from person to person, just keep in mind to keep everything in proportions.

It's ok to masturbate while on Cipralex?

Drinking green tea will help but not much .. I'm not feeling any difference except I can't sleep like before ..

i was diagnoised with GCA, and honestly, in a long period of time i was tormented by anxiey attack, panic, leg and stomach aches,and suicidal feeling. It is too mcuh for me to handle, so i turned to my doctor and she recommeded me taking the medication, however, i have deep concern on taking medication, althoug i don't know what methods can be choosen to eliminate my suffering and give me a slice of happiness, I am so distressful when everything in you life drove me crazy. I am totally losing my mind, on one hand, i am desperately waiting for some kinds of therapy to drag me out of this black circle ,but on the other hand, i am afraid of any significant side-effect occurring. depending on different individual, it seems that people's reaction to the medication various. although this medication seems to have less side -effect than previous one,but when it comes to the nausa, sleepy, stomach irritable. i don;t what choice is more reasonable.i am eager to have my previous happy life back, i don't want to be miserable and depressed everyday. i have no aim towards life, and helpless and seems no motivaton to do anything .does medication become a miracle or just another nightmare in my life

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