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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Year Later...

One Year Later...

Hello everybody, I can barely find time to write to you guys, been busy with setting up a new house and raising a 6 month baby :)

all is well, had some good days and some bad ones, but i'm still off the pill...

that's one year and six month without cipralex...

it been just few times i felt like i need it, but didn't took it, trying to deal with life in other ways...

I'll be posting more soon,

how are you guys?



I am on Cipralex and side affects are terrible for me. Increased to
1 1/2 for 3 weeks now. Anxiety increased, Irritable bowel, not sleeping all night but is getting better.
Just wondered if you had side affects when you started the meds.

Anonymous are you still on Cipralex? I had same side affects for a month and doctor took me off because said I reacted to the drug. Wondering how you made out.

Hello every buddy!! Ive been reading all your blogs. i like them all and your journey with Cipralex. Im about to start taking those pills but I'm not sure if i should keep fighting back naturally. its annoying me in a way that I'm afraid all the time to get a panic attack. i don't suffer depression but I'm always afraid from getting a panic attack. its crazy the way it feels all day long not to think about it while you feeling something is about to happen.
i see that johny disappeared and stopped writing for a while.. i hope to hear from you soon.
ill keep checking this last post if there is anyone wanna share thoughts i would like to chat..
take care guys

Please tell me soon that without Cipralex for a long time, how do you feel?

Hi there, Do you have any tips for first time Cipralex users? How can you make the first few weeks (while adjusting to the meds) go as well as possible? Thanks!