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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We're Not Alone...

Cipralex users around the world...

amazing isn't it... we can make our country soon lol. take care.



Great!Fabulous that Cyprus seems to be added in it.And congrats.(: -sarah

My name is Leigh. Sorry this is in a comment but I couldn't find an email. First I just started Cipralex after weening off of Effexor, which had not been effective for a couple of years after 8 years of taking it. So now Cipralex and Wellbutrin. It's helping, I think. Weird not to feel like your going to cry all the time etc so I am cautiously optimistic about it :). I hope all goes well with your fiance and the lateness. Either way it seems like you're in a good place about it which is awesome.
Now, your exceptional blog deals with depression awareness and I know you are familiar with the importance of mental health. It is for these reasons that I contact (comment to)you today.

I am ‘every woman’, the girl next door and the one you never would have suspected, however, for years I have been struggling with depression. I have written a book about my experiences entitled “The Blue Veil”.

Through this book, it is my aim to reduce the stigma of depression by increasing awareness of the issue. I am donating a large percentage of the proceeds to 15 carefully chosen mental health awareness organizations worldwide. I have provided the list of these organizations at the end of this email.

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Now you may be wondering what is in this for you and your blog? Well, I could provide you with a free version of “The Blue Veil”. You could also review the depression awareness organizations, which I will send to you, to see if there is one you would like to be included and I will certainly look into it.

More on “The Blue Veil”:
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Thanks so much for your consideration and efforts. I understand that you are busy, so I wanted to express my sincere gratitude. It is with great respect for you and your blog that I write this email and it would mean so much to me to have your readers aware of my efforts.

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I have just found your website today and it is a blessing.

I am 56 years old and have been struggling with depression off and on for at least 20 years. I have tried counselling, some anti depresent medication in the past and the side effects freightened me more then what I was experiencing and always stopped.

I recently went to a sleep clinic and had tests for apnea, because of chronic insomnia. The dr is also a psychiatrist and has recommended I go on cipralex.
I tried it about 4 years ago had some side effects and stopped.

I feel embarrased, and I feel I have failed to change my thoughts, behaviours so I would feel better about life. I feel that I can never seem to get my chin up over the line of being okay with myself, and have trouble motivating myself and getting out of this low level dissatisfaction with myself and life.

I am fearful of being dependent on a medication for my happiness and well being. I am also frustrated that and concerned I will be numbed by this medication and loose my sense of self and not know what is me and what is the medication.

I feel I have been in a constant struggle for years, spending all my energy (which is limited) trying to get a baseline normal. All the medication I have tried in the past have created symptoms that were worse then what I am going through daily.

I feel I should just accept and be grateful for my life as it is and that taking medication is a cop out.. I just want to take the edge off ( I quit alcohol and drugs several years ago and feel that medication in another way to numb out and I feel I am compromising my sobriety by using medication to cope with life)

I have not shared these feeling with anyone and it seems that you guys may know what this feels like and may have some suggestions to offer in your experience or am I just a crazy person. I want to be happy and have something better to offer others


Wow rhis was actually posted this week. I feel two of those things too - the sense of self and the using meds as a way to cope and loss of sobriety. I mean I took cipralex once so far and I was planning on taking it again but last time I didn't like the side effects and so I told the doctor - who is not my family doctor but a walk in clinic one, since my family one is against meds, anyways he said that you win some, you lose some and that those side effects are worth me feeling better. I have to say I was feeling chill and happy and I think it is still lasting-is that possible-since I took it on Tuesday night - almost one week ago. Maybe we can skype or something. I also have not even told anyone about me on this drug-well trying it and I bought a whole months worth-ups but anyways so the doc said I can just take it every other day and I said, maybe every couple days and he just nodded, sorta but yeah... i didn`t yet again and he also said calming tea. I just felt so sad and alone before and this med helped me be happy or maybe it is an allusion but can it really be. Someone said it is us making the change and we say it is the pill until we are ready to admit it is us, but i mean after taking one and then feeling good and not caring about the bad so much, is that me, nope I guess.

Dear Anonymous,
First I would really really like to say that you ARE NOT CRAZY!! And medication is OK if it makes you feel better. Depression and anxiety are terrible things and to live in that state when you can choose to be happy, even with medication is a better alternative. I was always the fun girl, my twenties were spent partying (but not intensely or insanely) like any other person in their twenties. Almost to the day I turned 30 I noticed something didn't feel right, I broke up with my boyfriend and couldn't get it off my mind, I started experiencing panic attacks. After going to my doctor who first recommended lorazapam for the emergency attacks. I noticed the depression and chronic anxiety wouldn't go away. I went back and she put me on 10mg of Cipralex, I definitely had side effects with it. Long story short, when I started to feel better I decided to try and go off of it, but relapsed badly. My life is back to normal, things are wonderful, so again I tried going off of it in the fall. I relapsed again, so I thought, OK it's winter, seasonal depression, bad timing. I'll go off in the spring, relapsed again. I now take 5 mg (a half pill) everyday, it takes the edge off, but I know I need it. I finally have come to realize that, you know what? The side effects I get are worth it, living in a world of anxiety is not. I love to travel, meet new people, but I can't do that, when thinking about that makes me anxious, I know something isn't right. Some people just don't have the right chemical match up, we're more sensitive to things, and with a world of technology and busy lifestyles it only makes us feel more stressed, so taking a pill instead of feeling like that somehow makes me feel OK. I know I should be grateful for everything I have, as do you, but when your brain chemicals aren't functioning properly, you can't be grateful and thinking about why you should be only makes it worse, a vicious cycle if you ask me. Please feel free to ask questions or comment I would be happy to help :) Singing always helps me, even if I can't :)

Hi, i am starting cipralex tomorrow and am very nervous about the side effects but i dont like living life this way. Im constantly in a state of fear about what might happen in life and in a constant state of worry. How bad are the side effects?

Hi, i am starting cipralex tomorrow and am very nervous about the side effects but i dont like living life this way. Im constantly in a state of fear about what might happen in life and in a constant state of worry. How bad are the side effects?

Hi there,

My name is Nathan and like you, just started taking the drug. And like you am worried about what it is doing to my head. Since Feb of this year, I have been anxious. I started taking Ativan and then got hooked and went to my doc and asked him what I could do to beat the withdrawal symptoms. He gave me a prescription for Cipralex. I have taken it now for four days; I cut the pill in half. So far, so good symptom wise. But let's keep in touch and support eachother. OK?

Hi Nate,

Is it a good idea doing that, I wanted to say I took it the third time and I was not taking it every day and this time the nausea was the worst. I was jumping around and active and that made it ba d- like stomach was nauseious and hurt a bit and then got diarrea and I know its the pill cuz I ate nothing that could have caused it like that and like I neve really get diarrea anyways. Except once cuz I had some sweet drink on practically an empty stomach. Anyways... I mean it's weird cuz the doc said ot be active and I was and he told me that cuz of something else but anyways... like how can I like this, but the first time I took the pill this didnt happen but I think I was jumping more today whereas last time just doing stairs(not running). Any suggestions or what were your experiences or are. Thanks.

Hi anonymous,

It does seem to take the edge off and make emotions less intense I think. Were you talking to me when you said I you and I want to be grateful but can`t. Did I say that ( sorry my question mark sometimes turns into an E sign). Thank you so much.Bye.NIght.

Hi, I've been on Cipralex for 3 years now. I started on 10mg, now I'm at 20mg. I want to come off, but a frightened to. I've gone down now to 15mg and I'm noticing that I'm becoming more anxious. I've already had one baby while on Cipralex and I'm breastfeeding still. I wanted to come off meds completely for the second child, but I'm starting to feel like I'm bound to be on meds forever. My doctor told me I should try cognitive behavioral therapy to see if that will help with my anxiety and my worrying. Question, has anyone taken this form of therapy? I also wanted to say that in my experience of missing a dose of Cipralex, I get bad nausea,headaches and feels like electrical shocks zapping in my brain. That's after just missing one dose! Now what is it doing to my brain?

Dear Anonymous from May 18, 56 year old, I am anonymous from May 22 replying to you. I am going to post my name, Angela. I really don't have anything to hide, so I am going to respond to some of the other posts

Dear Mariah,
I'm Angela, don't worry it is normal to be nervous about taking a new medication that could potentially alter your state of mind. I am not a doctor, I am just a person speaking from experience, so you should definitely discuss your concerns with your doctor. All of that aside, here is what I can tell you from my experience:
I did not want to go on medication, but after a break up, I just didn't feel right and nothing could snap me out of my mood and the constant thoughts of my past relationship. Long story short I was prescribed 10mg of Cipralex, the lowest amount. I think it was a great starting point for me because I had never been on any medications before. As I posted before, I've tried going on and off multiple times. I know they say they are easy to come off of, no, they are very very very hard to come off. I've had 2 really bad relapses trying to go off them.

In the long run the side affects aren't really that bad. Here is what you might notice at first, I did.
Definitely take them with food, I was sick and vomiting when I took them on an empty stomach. You might have diarrhea, these symptoms last from 1-3 days. You will notice brain zaps I call them, they aren't really anything, but it's like a weird feeling you get sometimes in your head.
I yawned a lot when I first started.
If your going through extreme anxiety, you will notice those symptoms disperse in about 3 days, by they end of week 2 you will be feeling better, about 6 weeks later you will feel great.
I had/have to take my pill in the morning because if I take it too late I get restless legs at night and have a hard time sleeping.
I am a bit more tired then previous, but a healthy diet and excersize definitely help with that.
I gained a bit of weight, but only because I notice I crave way more carbs and comfort foods, fast foods, so that is controllable.
My sex drive isn't amazing, but it doesn't bother me as much because when I was feeling really anxious all the time it was the same, so once you get into it it's fine.
I also seem to have a hard time crying...

The biggest side affect you will notice is your BRAIN SHUTS UP! It's great, I love it. That's the one thing my counselor (counseling is another really good thing to do) told me about cipralex, it's the best anti anxiety med for that constant brain chatter. I hope this helps, remember I am on this drug bc i find it helps and I don't even notice the side affects now. Good luck :)

Dear Anonymous from May 30,
Did you drop from 20mg to 15? without anything in betweeen? I've tried going off mine before, and this is what I found helps, again, I'm not a Dr. So speak with your dr. about it, and he/she might be able to help you with that.
I found that going down that drastically didn't help me either, it has to be very gradual. Instead of dropping from 20-15, try taking 20 one day, 15 the next every other, once you find you feel OK, start 20 one day 15 2 days, 20, etc. Once you notice your body is fine, go down again, maybe 20 one day, 15 for the rest of the week, if you feel fine, take 15 for another week, and slowly put in 10, then go 15, 10 every other day. Side affects might be dizziness, I found that a lot, so as soon as I got that, I knew I needed to take a little bit more. Just listen to your body as much as you can, and if you start to get anxious, then increase it a bit again until that subsides. I got down to about 0mg for 5 weeks, and I got an extreme relapse, so take it really slow. It takes about 6 weeks for it to come out of your body.
The only other thing is, if you are breast feeding, just make sure you talk to your DR. because hormones don't help with anxiety at all, and that is already a sensitive state, so you might want to wait until you are finished.
The counselling really really really helps me, I go about once a month, even if I'm feeling good, just to get things off my chest and give me the reassurance that I am "normal".
I used to think I didn't want to be on these forever, but after the anxiety I kept feeling not on them, I realized it's better then being anxious and afraid to travel have kids or do anything fun. So, my theory is, don't stress about the future, just take it one day at a time, it's OK to try and go off them, but it's also OK to say, OK, maybe I need a little bit. Maybe our brains are just missing that chemical...who knows. But good luck :)

Hi Nate,

I thougt that too- someone told me who works in this field that it makes a fake connection for your brain to make serotonin while thereare natural ways-natural pills that do this by helping your brain make the connection itself. Also that when you stop, it is harder for your brain to make serotonin and dopamine. They also said if I do not want to gain weight I shouldnt take it. Something like that.


I just realized you were talking to the other post since I read the other one but yeah I agree with you about the brain shutting up.
Why is no one responding to me? >

I did it a few times after my last post and was jjust less worryying and happier and other time sthe happy didnt work much but my problem is fear and worry. Also hard to make frend with me being down but is being ona pill to make frends the solution? I guess... but im scared to do that too.

what kind of counselling is it? psychotherapy? or just regular counselling? and do you pay for it?

so i again consultes someonw very knowledgable in this and was told the diarrea came from this food I ate that day. just so you know.
why is no one talking tome, do you feel too good for me....

Okay so I started taking Cipralex a little over two months ago. When I first started it I was yawning, tired, I had chills, and could never sleep for the life of me. I recently stopped taking it all together because I went to the states and was not covered there. I have been stuck here two weeks with out my pills and it is literally the worst time of my life. I am paranoid, I cry all day over the smallest things, I get angry, I am always irritated about something, I get sick, and cranky, I don't even want my bf near me and I love him to death. We will be driving down the road all happy and out over nowhere I will just start bawling my eyes out. I cried and laughed at the same time today. Well tomorrow we are going to the hospital to get pills because I because overly depressed last night and him being a cop has guns and what not. Anyways. No one should ever just stop taking Cipralex ever. I definitely DO NOT recommend it. Worst mistake. I have never been happier then I am on Cipralex. Anyways, just thought I would comment with the down side.

Sorry for my mistakes in spelling. Bf's room mate was distracting me.^^

I've been on 5 mgs of cipralex for a month now and I, like many of you, did not want to take any medication but since I've been taking it I've stopped crying, felt happier, not so irritated and have had more energy than I've had for a long time. I've had a pretty good sense of well being. My head is still a bit foggy, I feel like I need to adjust my glasses so that I can see clearly but I hope that will disapate with a little more time. It does feel good to feel happy again, I didn't realize how sad I was so I will persevere with this medication as long as my doc and I both feel that I need it

I am about to start cipralex, and I am scared to death, I do not like taking any pills of any kind but my doctors say im showing signs of severe depression, i have been through hell for the last 10 years and i cant seem to forget about it or put it behind me and move on with my life,I cry myself to sleep and wake up crying, EVERY DAY!, reading all the post about the side effects are making it worst for me, any thoughts?

I am a 41 year old female and over the past few months I have been having severe panic and anxiety attacks completely out of the blue. I've had a lot of life changes over the past year and coupled with that an extremely stressful job which I ultimately lost and then just all of a sudden the anxiety attacks started. I was managing without medication then it hit me again out of the blue to the point that I thought I was going to pass out. I visited my doctor the next day and he prescribed 5mg of cipralex for 6 days every morning and then 10mg every day thereafter. I am now on Day 7 and I feel like my anxiety is worst. My head is clearer but I can feel the anxiety bubbling underneath even though its more manageable. I also feel restless and have hot patches all over my body. I was always an outgoing, life of the party, bubbly type of person and this has all changed in the past few months. My doctor says I'm suffering with depression as well although I don't feel depressed. I just want to be my old self again, I feel like this is so much more then I can handle. I hate going outdoors because I immediately start panicking and even a trip to the market is unbearable. When will I start feeling like myself again???


Ive been dealing with depression for the last couple of years and never seeked helped. Today i can say that cipralex has changed my life! The first week being on it is a bit of a struggle but after that you feel normal! i cant believe all these years ive been feeling so down! cipralex really works!

I have been uptight my whole life. As a child noises made me uptight, and I would sneak out of bed to turn the time down on the dryer because the clicking of the buttons would make me want to scream. Male teachers walking up and down the aisles at school jingling coin in their pockets would make me want to yell at them to stop. People chewing gum, tapping fingernails, and on and on all my life.
I am 59, and have tried other anti-anxiety meds a couple of times in my adult life, but the doziness and other side effects made me quit. When my husband was due to retire I went to my Dr. and told him my husband deserved better than to retire with an uptight bitch.
Enter Cipralex. Immediate results, I am happy, functional, and much nicer to be around. I sing a lot around the house, I always answer the phone in a happy voice, and am constantly amazed at how good life is. The little things don't get me down.
My dose is 10mg, however my Dr. tells me it's OK to lower it if I want to, so now I take 5mg and 10 mg, alternating daily. I have been on it for 2 years and have zero side effects. All my family and friends love the new me, but none more than I do.

I just found this site today and its great to have the support and that Im not just going crazy. I started 10mg today.. nervous about the side effects but I am willing to push through it.

I as well just found this website today. It's amazing to see the support available out there, I am taking my second dose of 5mg before going to bed. Today my head get very foggy and I felt not like myself. But then again I haven't felt like myself for a while which is why I have chosen to try cipralex. I've know something felt missing or wrong for a long time now but I recently became aware that it is depression. I am so inspired by those of you who have said that this has changed your life and how good it feels to be happy again. I hope I can say the same in a few weeks as well :)

I've been anti meds for a very long time, but life events haven't helped me cope with my anxiety/panic disorder so I started on cipralex as my dr said it has much less side effects than other anti-depressants.

After 10 days I saw a difference. I felt more balanced, more level headed, do not over react. Still suffered from anxiety so my dose was increased to 20mg and felt better than I ever had, except for some weight gain.

Dr wanting to put me on wellbutrin to counteract this side effect. Hopefully it works out, went from being on no meds to 2 but hey I've decided to be easier on myself. Everyone needs a bit of help here and there

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