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Sunday, April 01, 2012

This week on “My Life with Cipralex”

Hello again, It been couple of days now that I’m trying to get myself to post something…
Finally, here it is:
As I’ve posted before, I’ve decreased the cipralex dosage from 20 mg to 10 mg that happened 29 days ago…
Since I’ve decreased the dosage, I’ve had one anger attack (I’m not sure what it was, maybe it was just arguing or yelling…don’t know but I haven’t started it, anyway…)
I became very tired and sleepy…or at least I think I sleep a lot…
My sex drive went really down and then really up…

Had some annoying thoughts but nothing too serious…
And I find it a bit harder to focus.
But, now 29 days after, I feel good, maybe it was all part of the “migration” process…
Anyways I’m not too worried about that.
Had a meeting with the doc couple of days ago, he said to continue taking the 10 mg, and I’ve talked with him about sex drive issue, he said to try skipping a pill in a day I’m planning to have sex… lol I always plan on doing that…
The wedding is approaching, I try not to think about that too much and not complicate it.
Soon I’ll be in Italy, on vacation for two weeks…I’ll update you soon about that too, also I’ve read all your comments and will address them all in the next post.
Keep fighting!
Love you all, and talk to you soon.




I've just started taking Cipralex about 3 days ago now, I'm hoping it will help me to focus and get done the things I really want to do but would always be distracted from; the whole "I can't focus at all" thing really frustrates me and just spirals me downward because I get to thinking maybe I just don't love anything anymore. I wonder how soon after you started taking the drug did it start to help with focus? I'm only on half a pill a day right now

Hey I'm on half a 10mg tablet right now and I'm quitting taking it after tonight. Ashley I wish I could've had advice from someone but it was'nt there. Anyhow it really got me out of a depressed state. Don't be fooled by the Doc or Pharmacist, that it may take upto 6 weeks to kick in, because I started to feel a whole lot better in a few days. Honestly keep taking it and you'll feel better, I promise you that. Be safe.

Hi Ashley,
you got a good advise over there...
just let keep at it and let the pills kick in...
i can tell you that felt a change after couple of weeks, but it changes from person to person...
so try not to think about that too much...

i'm about a week and a half in (10 mg) and have noticed a change for sure! the side effects are slowing down as well, the first few days i felt really gross and weird and wanted to stop, but after about 5 days i noticed i felt better, even singing around the house, which i have not done for so long. take care

I just started taking Cirpalex about an hour and a half ago, after 12 years of depression that turned manic with anxiety. I'm 21 years old and scared out of my mind. It's good to read other people's experiences. I really hope this works, because right now, I'm barely functional.

Hye,during my first month I had a severe prom of 'focus'.What I did ,I made conscious effort to take my charge on each moment basis.With strenuous effort obviously but each moment I stay vigilant about my actions and observe around me to keep me focused.Being conscious and careful keeping presence of mind has helped me a lot during 5 months. Lets try .I 'm trying 10 minutes meditation in nights too and it is helping me .Cipralex is saving me from a nervous life so I have decided to bid on it and to keep in my mind always that I 'm the most important person of my life so I have have to make cipralex work on me positively. Should n't we try ? O God this libido is a inevitable price tag with cipralex.I 'm in fixing process in a new country with an overbold zeal so busy with rut but I worry often how I will counter this if I will be in any relationship .I can't increase my dose as I have a family history of heart attack deaths so my doctor is very careful. But I know one thing I have to overcome cipralex side effects as its advantages are worth it as without it I could n't imagine to start a life in a new place and new people . I 'm trying my level best though it is difficult.We have a great crew leader in this journey so I 'm much hopeful. Though feel tired often.But C'est la vie .Sarah

Hey I'm the guy from April 2 2012 on 5mg of Cipralex. 4 days without and other than sleep disruption and a few weird dreams. I'm doing pretty good. So it can be done.

Replying to Kristin form April 3rd. Hey Kristin I never noticed your post before. I've been there, so scared but not sure why? Keep taking the pills and you'll feel better. You've finally done the right thing in getting help. You've obviously tried dealing with things unmedicated. I used to think I was weak for needing medication but some people need to take meds their whole life,who cares. Just like Cheryl says "If it makes you happy", anything that makes you feel better mentally is so worth it. Don't try this fight alone. PS I know I may sound like a hypocrite but the Cipralex saved me so much heartache and headache. Stick with it all of you and when the time comes to stop you'll know.Happy Easter.

Hey Kristin,I agree to'Anonymous'that stick to cipralex.It 's true that sometimes we cannot fight solely alone and need support.Cipralex really saves from many hazards and headaches .We just need a bit patience with its effects.I could not believe to write these lines just four months ago. But things have here.Trust it. Have a blessed Easter .Sarah

Hi, I'm Eleanor, just started taking 10mg Cipralex a week ago. I'm constantly exhausted and somewhat confused.... However, I have no intentions on throwing in the towl. I really look forward to feeling like "me" again - preferably sooner, than later!

Hello, I'm Dag,
I was always against depresion medications and this almost cost me my life. Today after fighting a very bad depression I am back to appreciate life and the people around me a lot more.
It took me few weeks to a month to actually starting to feel better- I start with a 10 mg , now I am to 20mg.
I am planning to slowly quit, I will talk to my doctor about it.
Any way good luck to you all- Keep strong...

Hello, I'm Dag,
I was always against depresion medications and this almost cost me my life. Today after fighting a very bad depression I am back to appreciate life and the people around me a lot more.
It took me few weeks to a month to actually starting to feel better- I start with a 10 mg , now I am to 20mg.
I am planning to slowly quit, I will talk to my doctor about it.
Any way good luck to you all- Keep strong...

I have been on this drug for about 5 weeks now. I take it in the morning and find that by the afternoon I too am tired. I also find that I have periods of feeling anxious. Wondering if I should take it in the evening?

I lost my best friend 2 yrs ago to a heart attack.Then lst year lost my dad. Ever since i've become anti social, had trouble focusing on anything, seem to be angry most of the time.Also had a few brief thoughts of suicide.Finally went to the Dr. who prscribed this drug to me today is my first day. Its very comforting to hear others with the same symptoms over come them with this drug.I should of went to the Dr. a long time ago but i guess my ego kept me away.Wish me luck all and god bless

Anonymous April 12 10:16 am. Wow Brother or Sister, that's an awful thing to happen. I've just was thinking last night about the 4 friends I've lost since 2008. You sure did the right thing by getting help. Life is'nt fair to us by times. I know you'll get feeling better. I'm now off Cipralex and doing good. You're so right about having comfort from this blog. I never had it. That's why I try to help others who are going thru hardtimes.You have to talk to people about how you feel aswell. Peace

I have been taking this medication for 2 days now. i feel tremors and upset stomach and weary thoughts, is this normal? My doctor said that the seide effects will go away in a few days once my body gets used to it. I WILL NOT throw the towel in yet but i hope I feel better soon. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Anyone else felt these effects before.

I have been on effexor xr for 14 years and obviously not working anymore. Just have to get back to the doctor in 3 days and he wants me to switch to cipralex. Suppose to be a faster acting drug with less side effects. I am praying this is going to work. So hard when you want something to instantly make you feel better.

I was on Paxil for 10 years and it stopped working too. I switched to Cipralex, its been a year now, and things are much better. They are not as good as they were, but lots of other things have changed that also effect that (kids growing up, medical issues,ect) It does seem to get better and better. So give it time, I felt better after about 6 weeks, like I could at least tolerate my anxiety attacks, and actually go out in public again without crying, but it took at least 3-4 months before I really felt better, now I have a great job, and see my friends again. Hang in there.

The side effects go away, the libido comes back. I've been on 20mg for 9 mths now. I love ciparalex and right now I don't care if I ever go off it. I am in control of my emotions, when I do have axiety I am able to control it. my anger is controlable. Of course the counselling the counselling helped to give me coping techniques but the cipralex helps me to take a second and actually use those techniques. don't quite until you've given it a couple months. I noticed a difference in the first weeks but they grew and grew until about 6mths. Give it a fair chance I say.

On Cip for 12 weeks for GAD. Modest improvement still feeling very anxious and now very short tempered and impatient vs before plus now AM panic attacks. I liken it to constant road rage. Talked to my GP and he recommended upping the dose to 20mg with 1.5 mg Clonaze to take the edge off. Hopefully this stuff kicks in soon...... Getting on and off Paxil was a smooth ride compared to this stuff...but It was hard on the body as I gained 50 lbs.. 2 weeks more then were on to the next chemical cocktail


I've been on 10mg cipralex for 4 weeks now. It has calmed me down and reduced my anxiety. But I don't really "feel" yet. Will feelings return after a while? I know there is an option of increasing to 15 mg,but maybe not just yet. I would be grateful if you shared your experience here.

Hi Ivan,

To answer your question, you won't feel it like when you take an Asprin or Tylenol because the change is so very gradual. I thought I was going to wake up one morning and everything would be better. This is not the case. You'll notice slight improvements in motivation and mood over time and some days will be better than others. I noticed I was starting to tackle little projects that I did not have patience to do before. I plateaued at 10mg and had to go up to 20mg.....hopefully we all start feeling better.

Hang in there.

Hi Ivan-this is my 5th month with Cipralex and now I see the obvious changes .I realized that Cipralex takes its latent time therefore is slow but then its side effects start disappearing and it works wonders.As Melissa said in her comment,she loves cipralex so do I. Yes I love cipralex now as I am able to take the control of my life and 'feel' it because of this med. I am conscious too about self suggestion that I have to manage my life and with cipralex assistance it is becoming possible. I would suggest just have some more time with it. You will feel the change. Sarah

First day on Cipralex here, hoping for no side effects, we'll see... GAD with panic attacks btw, also on 3mg of clonazepam a day(varies daily depending on levels of anxiety/panic), so I think I'll manage the side effects. My question is similar to Ivan's, I've had a sense derealization that is common with anxiety/panic attacks and depression; will cipralex get rid of the derealization as well?

Hi, after about 5 years of fighting depression I started taking 10mg of C about 7 years ago. Tried to get off couple of times didnt go so well. Will take it as long as I can afford it. The best thing I could have done... Feel in control ever since. Low sex drive is a major factor however...

Hello, I've been dealing with some really bad depression the past six months and as of today I've started taking 20mg Cipralex. I really hope this works, otherwise I don't know what to do.


So good to hear all the different experiences. I have been on it for 2 months now. I started feeling good around month 2 then I went on vacation and the times I took it were all over the place and I wasn't feeling right.
Just wondering when is that best time for you to take it? Right now I take it in the morning. Mornings have always been so depressing for me.

Day 2 here side effects were much better today. I took mine in the morning after I ate and didnt feel as tired or sick. I am also wondering what everyone elses thoughts are about day or night, also does anyone work shift work (days/nights) and do you take it the same time everyday or when you wake up according to what shift you are on?? My pharmacist said to switch and always take it when I wake up. Any thoughts???

I to have been on effexor for 13 years now and don't feel its working it did.Doctor has put me on 10mg cipralex to help with my ocd anybody taking this for ocd and how has it helped

Hello, I had been on Cipralex for 5-6 years. I have been using 20mg, sometimes dropped it to 15mg and even 10mg. And i have been using Clonazepam 0.5-2mg a day max, never any higher. I never had any major side effects, apart for that "electric shock" sensations (also known as "brain shivers" or "brain zaps") always when dropping my cipralex dose. My original diagnose was panic disorder and Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). I am very happy for at least that my OCD got 99% cured, of course therapy helped too and knowing what that is. Now i have been dropping my cipralex dose very slowly from 15mg to 0. Mainly because i think i didn't need to eat it any longer and i have been having this occasional aggressive mood. I think it's withdrawal effect from dropping. So, i took 10mg for like a year. After that i dropped it to 5mg and took that maybe 5-6 months. And for last i took 5mg every other day for one month. My final 5mg pill was 5 days ago. I think i dropped the doses very slowly and after 3 days i still got some withdrawal symptoms. Really hope these will be gone soon. I am having cold & hot flashes, Mild fever, "brain shivers", mild nausea, occasional headaches, and high pulse rate. I am lucky i have those clonazepams to help ease my symptoms. But if anyone have had withdrawal symptoms when quitting this slowly please tell me. I am not worried about those symptoms really, i am mostly worried how long these will last. Take care all! Jan

Hi Jan I was just woundering how long you were on cipralex for before you noticed your ocd was much better.Anyone else have any advice on how long it takes.

Hey GLO,
Well, i started having OCD symptoms when i was like 7 or 8 years old. I was so afraid to tell anyone about it, maybe because i thought i was crazy or something and no one would believe me. So i had it pretty bad until i was 17 years old and i started to have panic attacks and i just couldn´t take that any longer and i told my mother. Few days after i went to a psychiatrist. He started with efexor and clonazepam. I had very bad side effects from efexor so he changed it to cipramil. About 2 years later or something i quitted them both cause i didn't have any panic attacks any longer. But i still had OCD and mild depression. So when i was like 20 or 21 i started with Clonazepam again and Cipralex because my panic attacks returned. I don't know what really helped me with OCD, pills or my change of thinking. I had always it like this "If i don't do that or count those or jump and touch that or whatever my mother would get hurt" thoughts. I remember what i did, I tried to start thinking it like this "If i DO think or do or whatever THEN something would happen" So always when i had to do something or think i kinda countered the thought pattern so i didn't have to do them anymore or not that much if you know what i mean. I can't know if this helps anyone but i know it helped me in the long run. Or that and the pills. But now i am 27 years old next month and some time ago i just though that i don't want to eat pills any more. It just made me angry occasionally. (and by the way sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language. Hope you get help from cipralex thought. Take care ! Jan

hi jan
you need to keep an open mind about taking medication because i know that while your feeling good it seems like a big pain to take a pill every day its better than being down with ocd all the time.You also need to remember if you come off of them and then decide to go back on it will take 2 to 4 weeks or more to get back into your system. p.s ocd sucks

Hello !

this is M., my doctor prescribed cipralex because i have been having frequent panic attacks. I'm hesitating on taking it because of its side effects. I'm doing summer school and I dont want my concentration to get affected :S

what should I do?

- M.

Hi Im Patrick been taking 5mg cipralex for about 7 months and still worried all the time especially about dying having a heart attach and I'm only 32 and have lost about 30kg over the past 2 years and exercise regularly I started about 4 days ago taking 10mg hope that will make me stop worrying I find it hard to concentrate and feel that my vision is out of focus always tired all the time unhappy at work my shrink said I have OCD I'm generally unhappy right now with everything I hope the 10mg will soon kick in and I'll start to feel better. Has anyone gone through something similar have any advice should I increase to 15 or 20mg I have also started taking lexotanil at night to help take the edge off any feedback would be great

Been on cipralex for 10 days now and my OCD seems to be getting better.Is this just wishful thinking on my part or is cipralex really starting to kick in.Any feed back would be helpful.

Hi Patrick
you need to talk to you doctor about your dose of cipralex because i've heard that 10mg to 20mg is good at treating drpression but you need to be on a much higher dose to treat your OCD.I'm currently on 300mg of effexor and have added in 10 days ago 10mg of cipralex to help with my depression and OCD.Hope this helps

Cipralex is the most clean drug around, i was in the priory in sussex for 6 weeks \ and that is the drug of choice, i have been on it for 3 years now from 10 mg to 15 mg and then 20 mg, now i have cut back to 10 mg by using the liquid version , its now made me feel so angry! so going back to 15mg again! its such a hard drug to come off!

Hi there,
you will get your focus ans passion again, soon enough, just stick to the plan and have some faith
good luck
For me it took couple of weeks...

Lol, great to hear, keep up the good work

It will, its awesome that you are fighting back at last, best of luck and I'm here for you if you have doubts or questions.

Sarah, i always love to read what you write, you should write a book. :-)
Great to know things keep getting better, the libido thing will improve with time and practice.

This sound familiar ... its ok, keep at it, i remember the dreams issue too...

Hi there, thanks for that, you wrote some smart advice there!

Hi there, good luck and stay strong, thanks for sharing.

Hi dag, i know exactly what you mean, but like you eventuality did, we must always ask ourselfs - what is the alternative.

Certainly, try for a week and see how it goes.

Sorry for your loss, i also lost loved ones i know how you must have felt, but alas your on a new great journey now, good luck!

Thank you for your smart words.

Yes, its normal, will pass soon enough

Thumbs up, happy to hear you are doing well and improving :-)

I know this numbness feeling, its normal, and will pass

Sure thing, worked for me.

Hi kate, you can and should experiment with it try to take it in the evening or night for a while, see how it goes

Kate asked above, read my reply, also read my post about it.

Listen to your doc, and think what is more important to you, the focus issue is different from person to person...

Hi there, hope things will get better for you, i think you should consult your doc but seems like a good idea, never give up on yourself.

Its true, i also felt something in the first weeks

The two key things to remember with this drug are patience and self awareness, master those and the pill will do the rest

Listen to your doc, and think what is more important to you, the focus issue is different from person to person...

Hey to all!

I've been taking 10mg in the evenings for 5 days already and I feel weird. I can feel the Serotonine running through my veins and some tension in my arms and jaw. It almost feels like a drug though I've never tried none.

Still I feel quiet and strangely peaceful. Even I've noticed I'm breathing deeper!

But some days I feel calmly happy and optimist and others just empty. A lot of sensations for just 5 days.

We'll see how it goes on the next days. Looking forward to feel more improvements inside my mind.

And thanks a lot for this blogg. It really helped to make up my mind and try this chemical solution to the depression after 3 years of fighting "alone"

Cheers to everyone on this blogg

i am anxiety patient last 8 years i have very bad panic attacks almost daily know i am taking cipralex last 20 days i am little better but still have panic atttaks my doctor say cipralex takes time plz tell me iff any body have same problem

Hi everyone,"male 27 yrs old" I've been on cipralex 10 mg for 20 days now. I thought I was feeling better at first but my OCD kept coming back. Also being criticized completely screws me up which happened 2 days ago since it also triggers my social anxiety. Again I know it can take a while before it starts to kick in but I'd like to get a reply(reassurance) from anybody. Also I got that delayed ejaculation side effects but that's about it, which I obsessed for about 5 days. Now I don't care since I obsess at ONE thing at a time.

Hi does anyone get drunk really quick I mean after 2 glasses of bear while being on cipralex I'm usually a heavy drink can handle my Booz but recently on cipralex I get drunk real quick any one have the same experience

again everyone reacts differently ... Me I can only drink beer now, no more wine or hard liquor since after I get high anxiety for 2-3 days ...

how doe it trigge your socal anxiety, ? like me it seems to helpme be more happy and more open and chill....but i only took one.

Well today I kind of realized with my ocd workbook, by doing the exercises that my social anxiety is mixed with my ocd. Because when I get criticized, judged or someone calls me names or something, it really upsets me so then it changes my mood and I obsess at how I look. I'm better with the cipralex, it helps, so much that I just came back from a date with a lady I barely know! Man this drug is heaven!!!

Melissa P, does the libido really come back? I've been on cipralex for about a month now and my sex drive is still very low...also not related to that I have trouble waking up in the morning when it's really early even when I get enough sleep, that's probably just cause I'm no morning person though lol! And one more thing, I've tested out drinking, and it really does nothing for me, literally, I used to be such a lightweight but now it takes me a lot to even feel buzzed...all in all the good outweighs the bad, I havent cried since I've started the meds (I used to cry A LOT) and I'm way less anxious!

Oh and is does it actually work to skip the pill the day you plan to have sex? Is that recommended?

Hi Wize guy,

I like your sense of humor and I can relate I guess.

o u mean u get social anxiety from ppls comments i get it now. Thanks.

how r u doing? ever consider natural pills? no side effects.

I was taking it before going to bed but I would wake up tired and was throwing up every morning. And would have a huge hard on. I started taking it in the morning and those symptoms went away. Kinda miss the last one though...

I am encouraged by the comments I've read here about taking its time because I've been on 20 mg(1 in am 1in pm) and am not feeling that much better. I still have terrible anxiety, maybe even worse. But the severity of depression has lessened.

okay so ive been taking cipralex for 3 days now , and im kind of worried, ive been noticing my veins pop out like crazy im a herion addicts dream , and ive been finding bruises all over me from the slightest bumps aside from that , i feel dizzy and exausted and i've never drank more water than i do now because im constantly parched , should i continue my use of cipralex or should i consider switching over to a different anti-depressent / anti-anxiety pill..

I've been on Cipralex for 3 weeks, advised to start on 5mg/day for 5 days then 10mg, but I've decided to stick with 5mg a day because of fear of side effects. My main suggestion for EVERYONE, is to TAKE IT EVERYDAY IN THE EVENING NOT THE MORNING!!!!! The first couple days i had access sweating at night...but thats it. I sleep amazing, my anxiety attacks have eased and my negative thoughts have stopped! I'm sticking with 5mg/day for now, and lovin it ;)

I am considering jumping on cipralex solely for the libido reduction property..any opinions?

Hi all I've been on Celexa for bout 7 years than moved to Cipralex bout a year ago. I'm trying to quit as I dont wish to be on them forever but I'm very worried what will happen as the main side affect of quitting is suicide. I do get these Brain Shivers and am glad to hear someone describe it cause trying to describe it to my family is quite difficult. I tried to quit before and gained 25 puonds and devolped an eating disorder. Is there a downfall to being on it for your life?!

Hi,Does anyone know if a combo of cipralex and tribulus is possible,so you can fight back the libido effect;

Hi all,

I have using cipralex for 3 weeks now. I started with the 5mg/day for the first week then went to the 10mg. I only lasted 6 days, I felt like a zoobie and like I was drunk. I went back to the 5mg/day which to taking it in the evenings. I did feel good on the 5mg day and still a bit anxious but not as much. I started last night again on the 10 because I thought I had to. Can you just stay on the 5mg/day and be okay? If not, when switching to 10mg/day, how long did you feel tired and a little bit drunk. If I feel like this more than 3 or 4 day, is this the wrong drug for me??

I just started taking Cipralex tonight. Dr prescribed 1 whole 10mg tablet. I'm a little nervous about what to expect, if anything. I just really hope my new nervous driving jitters go away and I hope I can relax and not freak out over every social event and that takes place in my life anymore.

I was feeling very depressed and have anxiety and panic attacks. I take 0.5 mg Clonazepam twice a day and it helps. However I am very depressed. Especially with the shorter days and winter I feel an ache deep inside me that I just want to curl up in a bed and not talk to anyone. My psychiatrist gave me Cipralex. Start with 10mg a day for the first week and then 20mg the second week and stay on that. Well this is day 3 for me on Cipralex. I don't know if its all in my head but my depression has already subsided and I actually sang around the house today. I sleep good at night and the first two days I had nausea. However it helped with something else. I have been getting migraines everyday for the last month. Was taking Zomig for it and it made me more depressed. Also Zomig is very expensive. Its been three days since taking the Cipralex that I no longer have migraines. Coincidence or not? Who cares. Something is working for me and I will keep taking it. I wish you all the best. I think everyone reacts different to it and it takes different amount of time to work in each individual. The side effects do go away. I feel great...and let me tell you I was near suicidal. Very hopeless and could not focus. I hope this just keeps getting better. Nobody should haveto live with GAD and depression. It sucks the life out of you, believe me I know. Thank you all for sharing your stories. God bless.....

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My husband have panic attacks unckntrollable temper which we have to suffer .i can never convince him for. can i give him starting with initial dose

I have been on Cipralex for almost 3 months now, not too sure of it's effectiveness. Now regularly experience chest/lung sensations as if someone standing on my chest or trying to suck air out of my chest. Also, the side effect of being an-orgasmic is definitely showing up. Had sex with my GF 4 times this weekend, never orgasm once. Just left me sweaty and out of breath.

Going to do a personal experiment where I only take a pill every second night, see what happens. Doc has me on a tab n a half right now.

I have been on Cipralex for almost 3 months now, not too sure of it's effectiveness. Now regularly experience chest/lung sensations as if someone standing on my chest or trying to suck air out of my chest. Also, the side effect of being an-orgasmic is definitely showing up. Had sex with my GF 4 times this weekend, never orgasm once. Just left me sweaty and out of breath.

Going to do a personal experiment where I only take a pill every second night, see what happens. Doc has me on a tab n a half right now.

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Can you explain your "anger attack"??
I starting cipralex today and never associated anger as a symptom of depression or anxiety altho that phrase really hit home for me.

I will further read your blogs.
Feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and not sure what all I experience are symptoms I can expect to decrease and how I will feel.

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