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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dear Sarah – I’m here for you

Dear Sarah,
I’m sorry for the late response, but better late than never right?  I want you to know that I read all your comments even If I don’t always reply right away, so rest assure I’m not going anywhere I’m always here for you.
I know your comments, questions and the things you share here are helping me and many others, so keep on doing that.
From what you wrote I understood that you are already took the step to make you life better, which if you ask me is the biggest most important step, to bring yourself to a point that you actually do something about it – and you’ve already done that, and that’s impressive and brave, remember that.
I understood that you’re already three months with 10 MG cipralex, lots of good changes are coming your way…I actually miss that feeling that things are about to change…you’ll probably feel that soon enough.

I’m happy to read you already feeling improvements in some aspects of your phobias and focus problems, give it some more time…it will get better…I think only after six months you actually feel the full effect of it and it’s enough time to prepare yourself to manage without it too.
I’m going to address your question about the heart in a separate full post but I am going to say that: from what I’ve understood and I’m no doctor, but cipralex can effect different people in different ways, so to answer your question, it’s very individual, and if there are cases of heart problems in your family your doctor is doing the right thing and taking it slowly with you, i wouldn’t worry about that too much, first of all there are many people that are happy with 10 mg and secondly there are many other pills you can take instead that work in different ways that got nothing to do with your heart… by the way you have a good sweet heart, I can tell.
So what I suggest is that you don’t think about that now at all… it’s a waste of time, you might not need to increase to 20 mg anyways, look at me, and I’m decreasing to 10 mg now, so we are taking the same amount. I’m really very sorry about your parent…  but what’s in the past is in the past. – remember that too.
Sarah I also want to thank you – for reminding me exactly what I needed to remember.
And I will post more often… J
Take care and keep writing to us too – I read it all…



Hey You Johny-.Thanks a lot and fondest congrats on your marriage and that you are accomplishing your successful journey with the support of cipralex + your will power. Your success is dazzling as I know at my stage all seems so far and you seem like some tall Greek God achieving unachievable. Trust me if I was not on cipralex and on reading your blogs -I would have been a dead case by now. Three things had happened -an over bold adventure to buy home and start living in my dream country but with no knowledge of Greek language- to drop a great international posting for living here – and number three -forgetting that I had many personal phobias. So my friend, I landed here with my nightmares ,fear of loneliness, fear of left hand driving-fear of unknown social crowds around me, feeling of personal insecurity / no old friends in this new land/no new friends . I had all this in one stroke .It is my 7th month here. It is my 4th month with Cipralex. For my guidance I follow what I read in your blogs –about timings,beer,antibiotics bla bla bla . For sleep I have to work hard. I started jogging at 4 in afternoon and then a bit meditation in evening and reading some light stuff in evenings has helped me a lot but what has really helped me is my reminding to my mind all the time that ‘I have to get it”. Now days I can sleep for six to seven hours. During my beginning days I could not drive the left drive and was scared to my death .I passed the driving test here and have a license till 2028.It happened just last month and bravo my Cipralex. (; I have nightmares till but of less duration as I go to sleep soon once I lie down. I need to work very hard to stick to my decision to live in my dream country forever as it is only me who is in this decision so I need a high dosage of cipralex which Doctor has refused as I am the only survivor of heart beaten family. I am trying to cope up with 10 mg cipralex then. Really???

But you know what gives me a moral courage to face my phobias and complications- your blogs! I can see you as a success. I know through your blogs along with cipralex you have continuously been working on your will power and mind and I understand that same I need .I take my cipralex at 9. a.m and start the day. I am still struggling with the basics in life and trying to adopt your strategy that to fight out my darkness with cipralex + will power and constant efforts. I am alone here in this land but I can smile now when I see something beautiful and trying to keep myself ready to face my own fears in evenings .I don’t know though whether I will ever be able to have any personal acquaintance in this unknown land and whether I will be bale to get rid fully from my personal phobias and I don’t know whether I will be able to have any relationship here with confidence but beginning of journey is not very dark . For this I owe my thanks only to you. I prepare my daily journal and will keep on updating you my latest target are to get rid of panic attacks in public places. Let’s see how I manage it now. I trust now that you will stay here. You know you are needed!!! Take care .Sarah here.

Hi, first of all thanks for all the info, I read many of your posts, and they help me stay on Cipralex and wait out the side effects on my third try.
I have been on 10 mg for 8 months, and although it helped a lot with everyday anxiety situations, I still had panic attacks in really stressful situations (for me anyway), like public speaking, meeting new people and job interviews. My doctor recommended that I switch to 20 mg, I have been taking 15 mg for 2 weeks now and will increase to 20 in a couple of days.
I want to ask you if you got any side effects from switching from 20 to 10 mg? I am worried that when I will try to decrease the dose it will be very hard, since 20 mg is the highest. I would really appreciate it if you replied, and thanks again for this blog!
Btw, cipralex has also gotten rid of the chronic, almost daily headaches I have been experiencing for the past 15 years, as well as my insomnia issues, these have been some very welcome "side effects", and although my anxiety is not 100% gone, my quality of life is so much better!

I have been on cipralex for two months now for anxiety. The side effects have created more anxiety for me and it seems each increase also. I just increased to 15 mg., and anxiety hits each day at 4 p.m. I have to have a glass of wine to relax! Has anyone else found this, as it's frustrating me. My son tells me just to go with the flow but it's hard not feeling well for 2 months. Thoughts anyone!

Hi Grace,
I would recommend you wait some more time and keep taking the pill, also i would try to minimize the wine thing... cipralex and wine are not the best match... talk to your doctor about it, maybe he can give you something else so you can relax until the cipralex will kick it.

Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!