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Monday, March 05, 2012

Day 495, Minus 10 MG, Getting Married and Flying to Italy

Dear Friends,
I hope all is well with you or at least keeps on getting better, I know it’s been a while since my last post, so I’m going to address many issues in this one.
Its day 495 with cipralex, I’ve recently decreased the amount from 20 MG to 10 MG, I’m going to try this for a week or so and see how it effects me before I’ll make more decision about that.
So far the only different I felt is related to my sex drive which jumped up the minute I’ve decreased the dosage.
So, what I’ve been up to?
Trip to Italy:
I’ll soon be traveling to Italy for couple of weeks, the one thing that bothers me about that is that I need to take the cipralex pills with me, the trip is with a lot friends, but none of them know about me taking cipralex, and I prefer none of them will.
So I’m a bit concerned about taking the pills onboard the airplane, what if they will be examined? Or what if they will start asking me questions about it? I’m probably worrying too much about that, but if you got some insight about that I’ll be happy to hear it. I know that there are probably millions of medications people are taking abroad from country to country with them, maybe I’m just exaggerating with this… but I’ll try to get some information about that and I’ll update you on that too. Besides that it’s also important to notice that I don’t feel nervous or worried at all, I had no panic attack or anxiety attacks for many days…any ways nothing that is related to this planned trip, it’s something too, because usually when there’s something social planned ahead I would think and worry about it too much, seems like I don’t worry about things until they actually happen and then it’s too late to worry anyways.
Don’t know if I mentioned this to you guys but I’m getting married soon, the wedding is set on july, me getting married, can you comprehend that? I couldn’t even get out of the house to the supermarket , I couldn’t even talk to strangers, even a dinner I was invited by friends or family used to be a nightmare filled with anxiety and fear… and now I’m getting married… how the heck did that happen? I bet it got something to do with cipralex….

A wedding event is stressful enough as it is… but to be depressed, with anxiety and panic attack and get married is almost impossible.
But now I’m getting married, I’m amazed at myself that I managed to get to that point in my life, and to be honest I don’t think I’d get there without the help of cipralex.
I honestly don’t worry about the actual event; my new way of looking at it is that it’s my party anyways so why should I worry? I should just have fun. I know you know what I’m talking about, getting married, with all this buying clothes, and rings, and renting a place for the event, and designer and dj’s and food and drinks and talking to so many suppliers and….you know what I mean, there’s no way I could deal with all that 495 days ago… just no way at all. I rather be dead than to deal with all of that…. Not to mention the actual ceremony.
Lately my rented apartment is always filled with friends and friends of friends, most of them I know through my soon to be wife girlfriend… I love it and It doesn’t move me at all that people I don’t know jump to visit.
I have much more to tell you friends, but not much time right now, but I do want to answer your questions and comments, I’ll do that on a separate post.
Thank you all and have wonderful life.



Hey.. Hw r ya? Congrats...jst read the news of ur marriage.... I m really happy for u..:-)
I ws readin abt depression n stuff n came across ur blog n felt so connected to u n while readin i could Feel evry event of ur life as if I m a part of it... M so tensed for my mom theese daez.... Dnt knw whr wil she land up.... She is gettin passive... She is on cipralex frm 4 days.... Lets c how vil it wrk for her...jst felt like tokin to ya n sharing life... All d best... Ur blog is really doin

Hi there henna, i think you should introduce your mom to this blog. I recon it will help her a lot.

Just another frequent visitor to this blog

I have travelled 6 times with cipralex tablets with me! Not even one officer has asked me about those pills

I travelled to Europe last year with my Cipralex tablets and had the same concern, but I was never asked about it by customs or security. Even though I only needed a few days supply, I did make sure to take the whole box with the prescription label on it, so that if there was any question I'd be able to show that proof.

I've also traveled with my meds and had no issues going through security. The main thing is that they need to be in their original containers and then you should have no problem if your bag is searched.

All the best with your wedding. Very exciting news. Congrats to you and your fiancee

Hey you! welcome to Europe.I don't see any problem if you are carrying prescription medicine here.Best. Sarah

Hi! Congrats on your wedding! However I have just one question;
Does your future wife know about you being on Cipralex? I hope that you felt you could confide this small fact to her. All the best!

Thank you all so much,

M.R - Answer is "not yet" and "its complicated" and... "don't worry, i have a plan"

Congratulations on your wedding!! I was drawn to this comment as I too am getting married in 3 weeks and I'm getting married in Italy. Thanks for posting your experiences on cipralex as it is giving me reassurance that everything is going to be ok. As well as planning a wedding, 3 months ago I moved countries and started a new job which ended a few years of financial troubles. After 3 weeks at my new job, I developed major migraines and anxiety. The fear of being centre of attention at the wedding has been the trigger. I have always been anxious suffering occasional panic attacks but this is to a whole new level. I have been on cipralex for a week now (just 5mg) and I feel so tired and a bit sick. I am taking hope from you all that in a few weeks the side effects will go and I will feel fine for my wedding. Thanks and good luck :-)