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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Day 435: Happy New Year, Dreams, Hesitations and Decreasing from 20mg to 15mg

Hello again my friends, I hope you’re all doing better and better with every day. I’ve been reading your comments so keep it up, it helps us all when you share your experience and opinions, and besides the more users visit the blog the more normal I feel :-)
I wish you all a
A year free of Anxiety, Depression & Panic attacks.
A year of better, happier and healthier life and state of mind
I want to begin this post with addressing the dreams issue, first because I said I would in previously, secondly because many of you talked about it in your comments and lastly because I like dreams!
Dreams are cool, at least for me, I guess it depends on how you look at it and how aware you are of yourself and your brain. The way I choose to look at it is as if the dreams are here to adjust and digest all the things that happened in the day-time. We are barely aware of the amount of information our brain is bombarded with since the second we wake up.
So I try to make the most of it, and it’s fun too.
Few Things to consider:
1.       Try controlling the general subject of the dream and make it a positive subject – this can be done by thinking about a positive thing or general positive idea just before you go to sleep.
2.       Hypnotize yourself before falling a sleep – this is a lot of fun and its very relaxing, you can simply count from 10 to 1 slowly with positive suggestions about relaxation and calm fun dreaming. (it works guys)
3.       If you want to make things even easier or if you have bad dreams - you can download any nlp or hypnosis sound files and listen to them before you go to sleep.
4.       Try listening to good relaxing music at night time.
5.       Make sure you’re comfortable in your bed.
6.       Replace your pillows, blanket and sheets to new ones.
7.       Record your rational self on tape and listen to it while you fall asleep.
8.       Get a pet
9.       Hug your gf/bf
Hope this help.
But the most important thing is to remember that dreams are fun and they are a tool for you to use for your own benefit.
I’ve met with my doc yesterday, we’re now talking about decreasing the dosage, haven’t done that yet, but I’m planning on starting with that next week. I’ll update you about that.
Comments and the comments:
You can find answers to many of your questions in previous posts too.
Take care, I will keep updating you.



Thanks Johnny for the advise on dreams. I dream quite a bit and I have found that in the past few weeks my dreams have intensified. I have been on Cipralex for 7 months now. Thanks you so much for this blog, it really does help...I don't feel so alone.

I've read a few of your different blog posts, and they've really helped me stick with it. I've been taking Cipralex since mid November (I think it was November 28th) . . . and just tonight I've been thinking more about ending my own life. I've been upped from 10mg to 20mg about 1 month ago, but I'm not feeling any effects at all. No side-effects, but no effects at all either. I'm not sure what to do . . . I have an appointment with my doctor next month but I'm not sure what can be done at this stage. Any advice?

Hi, I am new. My name is Nicole and I started Cipralex just yesterday. I finally asked my doctor for some medication after constantly feeling angry, sad, tired, overall just not normal...
I have two little girls, ages 2 and 5, and i found myself getting mad at them all the time for little things. I was especially hard on my 5 year old, and whenever there was a mess in the house it would give me huge anxiety and I couldnt control my feelings... Over a mess. It just wasnt right.
I found myself fighting with my fiance all the time too, getting irritated over everything he did, and all he does is work hard and love me. My emotions have just been so out of control, I have no control over them... So i said enough... I need help.. I need something...
I am only 26, but I need a change. My mom has battled depression/ anxiety/ drinking problem, her whole life, ive seen all the stuggles she has gone through and im hoping I dont go through the same... Overall i just want to be happy, happy with my life and happy with myself. Im hoping cipralex will help me get to that place of happiness.

I took Cipralex for the first time yesterday, Jan 20. 10mg. When it hit me, i felt sick, i felt high, i felt fuzzy. So I did some reaserch, and found this blog. It made me feel better, reading everyones thoughts, and stories. Anyways, i had a hard time sleeping last night... tossing and turning, i also had a huge headache. I took a gravol, to help ease the sickness i was feeling in my stomach. When i woke up this morning... i felt refreshed, still a little fuzzy and "high" feeling, but i woke up actually wanting to start my day! I didnt run right to the coffee pot for my morning coffee... I made myself some breakfast, which is something I NEVER do. My house is messy but im not freaking out over, i dont feel anxiety over it. I know this is only my first day but i feel like this is going to be a good thing. Ill admit the side effects are a little weird, but ive read that they go away... so stick it out.

Nicole- Im a mom of 2 young kids as well, 4 and 5. I totally understand about the mess driving you nuts. Like it's just going to overtake you and you'll explode if the kids would just shut up, pick up there stuff and you didn't have another damn peice of laundry to wash, floor to clean or snack to make. ( I know those that don't stay home with kids have no idea what I'm talking about and are laughing but kids and staying at home can literally suck the life out of a person) A small consolation is that my Dr. told me that stay at home moms and Dr.s actually experience the same levels of stress only ours never ends. This information always makes me feel a little better. I have been on Cipralex, 20mg, for over 6 mths now. It has changed my life. But what has made the biggest difference in my parenting is counselling/therapy. I grew up in an alcoholic abusive home as well and had a very abusive first marriage. In counselling I learned how to identify my anger withmy kids, control it and redirect their behaviour. After my anger got under control we started dealing withmy past so that I don't repeat the destructive cycles in mine and my kids lives.
Congrats on taking Cipralex, it's a lifesaver.

Dreams dreams dreams....I've found I've had some very intense dreams. At first, they were sexual in nature (some were fine, but some were a tad strange); however they've changed course and now they can be upsetting and I find myself not getting the sleep I need (which was incidentally a huge issue to begin with before Cipralex). It is almost like I'm having anxiety dreams! I'll speak to my doc about this, but has anyone else felt this?

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