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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Day 316: more questions...more answers :)

Some quesiton you guys asked in the comments: Hi doll khan, when to stop...? thats a good question... I guess the answet is when you feel that you can... wait couple of months more and gradually you can stop... but ask your doc. thats why you pay him anyway :-)

rose khan - "awsome blog just tell me some times i feeel numbness and lightness in my head does the same happens to u??" yes it does but I hardly notice it anymore..with time it will go away totally...

Hi Melissa P, Its great to hear you're doing something about it, thats a big thing, good luck and update us on how it goes...I'm sure you're already started to feel the change in your life... Hi Susan, I realy think you should consult your doctor, I think 40mg is a big dose of cipralex... maybe too big... if cipralex doesn't work for you, you should over-dose it just switch to another pill that will work. do not take so many pills without consulting your doc... did he recommended that? Stay tuned... soon a new post will come :)



Hi, just want to thank you for writing this blog. I've been diagnosed with GAD and have been prescribed 10mg of Cipralex. I haven't started them yet as I'm continuing my research... And build some courage. I feel comfort that I'm not alone. I'm starting to read your blog from day 1.


I am going through a tough time in life. I dont like anything and feel depressed most of the time.

I also suffer from a lot of anxiety.

Lately I was prescribed Cipralex by my doctor but i am afraid that if i start on an antidepressant I need to take that forever.

I am still young (30 years) and think that i should better solve my depression problem by engaging myself in activities but that too is also not happening.

Please if someone could suggest if I should start on Cipralex?

Before Cipralex, it had been at least 20 years since I had felt happy on a regular basis. Know what I mean, just that feeling of wow, today is a good day. I couldn't remember what it felt like to just smile for no other reason than to smile. I had reached the point that even holding my beautiful 2 year twin daughters didnt make me happy and that scared me. I was really in trouble.
I was freaked out at the thought of taking a med and even more freaked out the night I took my first one. I found courage in this blog but all I could think about was what was this drug going to do to me. I am happy to tell you that I am exactly the same person I always have been only way better. What I mean is that joy is back in my life. That literal dark cloud I was living under is gone for real. I know find myself just smiling and feeling great. My only regret was how long I took to admit my problems and treat them.
As I said, I was scared that first night after reading all the side affects on the label and yada yada. I did have trouble sleeping for a few weeks and had a few hot flashes but other than that it was a piece of cake. Do not wait, do not rob yourself of the joy that is in you just waiting to come out. Trust me, its there and it's a wonderful feeling when you start to feel the Cipralex working.
Remember, the med doesn't change you or who you are. It only does one thing. It let's your seratonin stick around in your system longer that's it and that is all you need.
Start feeling better today.
My daughters make me smile again and I appreciate the miracles that they are.....even when they are crying :)

It took me so long to decide to take Cipralex, and now I've been taking it for 2 weeks (10mg) and feel absolutely no improvement :(( I also haven't experienced any discomfort taking it, but it doesn't work at all :(
I feel the same, low and have no energy or mood to do anything. Anyone has taken these medication with no effect?

Two weeks may not be enough time, don't be discouraged. Some people take up to two months to feel the effects kick in but when it does you will know it. That being said some drugs do not work as well for some people and if that turns out to be the case there are others.

I love Cipralex. Since my last post I am now at 20mg. Now I notice a difference in depression, a lack of it that is. The repetatve thoughts about my past are gone. I no longer get sucked back in the past for days when something triggers a memory. I still have anxiety but next week in counselling we will start addressing that. This is the first time in 5 years I feel like I am in contol of myself and am not going to lose my mind. I feel like I am finally able to laugh. I didn't realize it has been years since I have laughed and been happy. I realize I have a problem with the chemicals in my brain from past trauma. Its like diabetes and insulin in a way, I need this for my brain to send the proper signals. It is changing my life. :D

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember but didn't really know what it was until I was in my 20s. I just thought everyone felt like me. It got worse after I had my kids and that is when I was offiically diagnosed. I was put on Effexor for years and although it helped, I hated the side effects, fuzzy head, tingling fingers, night sweats I gradually was weaned off. I haven't been on anything for 2 years, the last year has been not so fun, lots of panic attacks, and anxiety all the time, I decided I didn't want to feel this way anymore that my decision to fight this alone isn't working and I needed some back up. I finally worked up the courage to talk to my doctor about it and he just prescribed cirpalex. Can anyone shed some light on how long it will take before I notice a difference? and weight gain...has anyone gained weight on that? I really don't want to gain any weight, I have finally got down to a size I am happy with ( I lost 100 lbs over 2 years). I'm so afraid of gaining it back. Also, is there any other side effects I should be looking for? I took my first dose (10mg) last night and when I woke this morning, my mouth was extrememly dry and I was so tired, although I didn't wake once in the night!
I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this blog! ITs nice to know I'm not alone.

Can anyone please tell me how long the nausea lasts?? I started Cipralex 2 weeks ago and my stomach is so upset and I just don't feel well. :(

Very interesting blog, read the whole thing from start to end. I'm about to start Cipralex 10, next week after I finish the Clonazepam I was on for withdrawal from 3 years of Oxycontin use. The withdrawal brought on chills, sweats, diarrhea, headache, fatigue,restless legs,insomnia, joint pains but most importantly the most severe anxiety I could ever imagine. To the point of paranoia and panic attacks.I went to work every day through it all but suffered miserably as you can well imagine. Finally saw my Doc, and was given the Clonazepam. Started out fantastic. No anxiety at all, just headaches and diarrhea.After a week however, started to get very depressed and withdrawn. emotion control was difficult. Began to suspect that this whole episode had started to loosen some screws in my head I'd kept very tight for decades. I had a auto accident in 1990, broke my femur, hip socket, broke and dislocated my pelvis and tailbone, broke a bone in my neck which damaged nerves that control my left hand (Left hand still has about 10% normal strength & dexterity). Also had a 10 cm tear in my diaphragm. Spent 5 months in the hospital. Went back to work after the 7th month with a cane,life went on never looked back. Couldn't participate in any sports that I used to, limited mobility and pain and such. While I didn't know it, I believe depression, to some extent began way back then.Fast forward to 3 years aga, I fell at work and fractured my T-12 vertebrae in my back. EXTREME PAIN!! Off Work for 5months, went thru WCB rehab,Added to the low level depression. got on Oxycontin for the pain. Miracle at first, pain free practically. Over time though began to abuse it.Knew I was in trouble, began to hate my own reflection in the mirror, hated myself in general.Lost pride and self esteem.Decided to finally act. Tried all this summer to self-detox, kept failing. Depression really came to the forefront and my wife got quite afraid for me. Back to the doc, got the Clonazepam,got off the oxy for good. Was good for a few days anxiety wise but depression moved right in.Back to the doc today, was given Cipralex to start next week after the clonazepam is done. I think the Oxy and withdrawal and Clonazepam loosened most of the screws in my head that I'd kept secure all these years, just by being a workaholic, drinking lots and just not recognizing the underlying signs of depression. SO, I'll start the Cipralex, maybe start my own journal to keep a running tab on any changes, good or bad. Hopefully one day soon I can learn to respect myself, even like myself again. Thank god for my wife standing firmly by me no matter what. It's possible I may have "given up" years ago if not for her.

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