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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 295: Cipralex and Antibiotics...and You

Hello friends,
I hope everything is good with you guys and again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and asking questions in the comments, seems like we can really help each other.

Couple of days ago my girlfriend had to take this medicine for some kind of infection of bacteria or something like that... anyways her doctor recommended told her that I should take it too.

So now, I need to take this antibiotics pills, well at least its just for one day, but its about 4 pills of 250 mg I had to research about it before thinking about taking them.

The pill she was given called metronidazole, basically it’s an antibiotic medication.

So the question came... can I take antibiotics while on cipralex? Is it safe to keep taking cipralex while take 1000mg of antibiotics in one day? (Good and important question...)

Well after checking and seems like it is safe and its ok. I haven't found any information that suggest otherwise... the only thing that is important is not to drink alcohol... but that’s not a problem...

I've also read that some research shows that it actually enhances the cipralex effects... but nothing against taking them together...

So.. here we've learned something, I will update you of course how the combination effected me...but I do not expect anything dramatic.

Now I want to answer some of the questions and stuff you guys wrote in the comments, I think some of this information is really valuable for people who take cipralex or for people who wants to understand people that take it.

oh, and besides that side effects of cipralex are long forgotten and I’m happy and in control. My girlfriend moved in with me and things are getting serious in our relationship which is good too :)

and the comments:

"I'm on day 7 today & i haven't really noticed any changes..." - give it some time... it usually takes a month for you to actually feel something...

Todd - "you were my inspiration to have the courage to take this medication " - thank you so much for writing this :)

Jari - Hi, it’s awesome that you're from Finland :) its great to see that we're all over the place, lol, yes I too seroxat many years ago but haven't finished the treatment properly...

Missy - I understand your situation... if you ask me... don't tell him unless his perception and level of understanding people like us is high... otherwise no good will come from this... someone who never was in our situation will never really understand...

Lana - if you were given cipralex, you probably need it... so give it a try for at least couple of months, remember you can stop anytime... its effects are great... but it’s not such a powerful drug that you won’t control yourself or change... it will just ease your mind that’s all.. You’ll still be lana :)

Cindy - I couldn't agree more, wow 5 years... make sure you come off it slowwwwwwly as possible, good luck and I’m totally with you with the "personally I do not think they need to know but hey that is my call" :) take care and let us know how it went...



I am using 7,5 mg with omeratsol 40mg, atacand 4mg, marevan 5-7,5 depending on inr value, opamox 7,5mg and simvastatin 10mg every day...not plesant but have to...anyway cipralex has helped me a lot and this blog also :-) only bad thing is that you don't write more and more often...pleasant days for everyone !!

Great blog... im gunna link it in one of the forums I visit often. Cipralex has also changed my life in so many ways, it's really allowed me to get back to being ME. This question is directed to the writer of this blog: I understand that you are on 20 mg right now, which is the highest dose. What do you plan on doing once that dose starts to wear off or gradually becomes ineffective? (humans develop a tolerance to any type of drug eventually). Since you are kind of "maxed out" right now, do you see yourself switching over to paxil in the future? Have you given this any thought?

Jari - seems like those drugs works in different ways on different things...I've taken it with antibiotics and it was ok. good luck and thank you for sharing... :) I will try to write more're not the first one telling me that :)
good luck friend

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