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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 272: Changing Your Mind

I don’t know why but in a way today is a special day for me. What made it special is you guys that visit my blog, read, write and interact. I've read the latest comments from you guys, seems like we're all in this together, it made me feel even better, it made me go back in time and think about how much I've been through… and it’s a lot, its amazing, If you would told me that this is where I'll be today before I've started treating myself with cipralex I wouldn't believe you for sure.

Taking cipralex was a very hard decision to make. But what convinced me most was something that an old man once told me…no guys he wasn't Chinese…sorry :)

Anyways, he said, sometimes "…to solve a serious problem – you have to think outside of the box… " – sounds good but how do you get outside your own mind? How can you trick yourself? At the first time I actually agreed (with myself) to go for it and try this drug, this sentence was echoing in my head… this is exactly how you think outside the box, get out of your ordinary routine way of thinking about things and change it.

I know not all of you know what I'm talking about, I want you guys to watch this lecture,
It opened my mind to many things…
It by Joe Dispenza, the video titled: "Evolve Your Brain- The Science of Changing Your Mind"

I know you'll enjoy it and learn a lot.

In terms of side-effects...I truly have none...feeling good since I've switched to 20 mg... doc said to keep at it at least for the next three months...than we'll see what happens...

Talk to you soon guys, thanks for what you write!



I'm on day 7 today & i haven't really noticed any using the 10 mg & taking it at night before i sleep... Should i be taking it in the morning before i start the day? Maybe it takes more than a week? Love the blog, thanks for the inspiration!

Johny, you were my inspiration to have the courage to take this medication and I'm sure glad I did. Almost four months in and my life has changed drastically. I had some trouble sleeping for the first few weeks but that was the worst of it. I can actually feel the joy in my heart when I hang out and play with my 2 year old twin girls. When they smile I smile, when they laugh I laugh harder and best of all, when they are having a bad day and are grumpy and loud it's ok. Wow, can you imagine that. It's been a real long time since I can honestly remember being happy, I mean real happy just in general. So thanks for your help and stay cool Brah!

Tea your blog is read In finland also and It has helped a lot thank you for that...first 4 weeks 5mg now 7,5 witch is better maybe when i have doc time raise It to 10mg because for now i take 7,5mg opamox every day and liked to stop that, did you use opamox or something else ?

Sorry about that tea word It was my worderful iPhone :-)

Hello there,

I found ur blog googling about Cipralex. I finally made up my mind and paid the doctor a visit, after a few attempts where I cancelled my appointments.
He prescribed me Cipralex and said the treatment would be going on for at least 6 month:(
I am struggling with a depression that drains out of me all the energy I have, I can't focus on anything and I have no motivation...
I think that visiting the doctor was the best thing I've done this year.
I have the same concern as u, I don't want to tell my bf about it, because, when I mentioned once I am suffering of depression, he freaked out. I am afraid about his reaction, as we are engaged to be married :( I am still figuring out how am I going to manage to hide from him the fact I am taking medicine, as we r living together...
I do have a question for u tho. Why do u have to take the medication for the second time in ur life? Haven't u finished the first whole treatment?
Anyway, the fact that u r posting about it it's wonderful and it makes me feel I'm not all alone in this.
All the best!

i am a university student, my Doc just prescripted me CIPRALEX 10mg, i am still debating whether i should take it or not....

Same thing here, anonymous, I'm a university student who's been perscribed cipralex but I cannot make up my mind as to whether I want to take it or not. I'm scared of addiction and other side effects... I was on ran-zopiclone (sleeping aid) for 3.5 years and although the side effects were severe I struggled to stop taking it coz it was so addictive. I just don't trust pills or doctors anymore.. but I cannot deny that a part of me wishes I could just take a pill and experience contentment and calm again...

Hey Lana,
have decided.............took my 1st pill this morning....dont fell any side effect yet, although my lips are unusually dry.

Lana you should definitely take it. I was on it for 2 months and it drastically changed my mood. It took about a month for it to start working well. I screwed up and stopped taking it after the two months thinking I was better however it came back so I started taking it again, I'm on day 11-12 so far and am just waiting for it to kick into effect again. Side effects the second time are nothing (dry mouth) first time I had trouble sleeping.

Hi Johny, wow found your site because I was thinking of coming off of Cipralex. I have been on it for 5 years due to a life changing illness. Now I am doing much better but it was a process of nutrition, diet and exercise. Do not get me wrong the health issue will always be but my coping skills are much better. Good for you for getting counseling most men would not seek outside help. Nobody knows I am on Cipralex and personally I do not think they need to know but hey that is my call. I think if Cipralex works go for it as there is a lot worst stuff out there!


Hi Johnny, Im back spying on your blog lol, I am month 3 and normally I would say things are great as a month ago my mom passed away. This has been so difficult, with the grieving and taking the pill. We upped my dose to 20mg, usual symtoms, yawning, fatigue (could be the grief talking). I actually look forward to being a bit numb. Dont get me wrong, I know when I need to work through my emotions (I will be starting grief counselling this week) For those who are considering taking it, this has worked well with me even though I went through losing my mom. It gave me the strength to be there for my family. I am depressed again, but this time from the abrubt loss of my many conflicting emotions about that. But Cipralex has done wonders for other areas for me. Stick with, stay on your path to peace, I wish everyone a healthy happy life. Also ONE DAY at a time! kiddies lol...

Missy - I had to start over because I never finished the first treatment right.... if you start to feel better you should continue taking the pills and take your time with stopping....

I see... Well, thanks for answering. I haven't decided yet if I have to start the treatment or not, I am so afraid of the side effects, I am postponing it every time :(

Missy, taking cipralex really isn't that dramatic, there are many people who take it... and I can assure you the pill won’t change who you are and you will always remain in control. just take the first step - trust me - it’s really worth it.