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Monday, February 21, 2011

Me, My Girlfriend and Cipralex

Hello again, Its been a while since I posted so I decided to post something, just so you'll know everything is alright and ticking the right direction with me.

I have a girlfriend now, but I haven't told her about cipralex yet...its too early for me to share that with her... so for the time being I will keep that information for my self, I feel so alive, and everything's great, we're going out a lot and I'm dealing with so many situations and things I thought were impossible three months ago... so its amazing how fast things can change.

I have no side effects at all, but it does take me a lot of time to get to an orgasm but I don't mind, its fun to take your time... :-)

Anyways, just wanted to update you that I'm already feeling that I don't need the pills any more, but my Doc advised me to stay on them for the time I will.

I promise to post more soon.

Take care



So pleased its going well. I've been on this drug for just under 2 years and have had the terrible upset tummy syndrome for the last 6 months so have decided to come off. Despite a slow withdrawal over 3 months the things I've been going thru since cold turkey have been very unpleasant. Dizzyness, Shakes, feeling out 'of it' etc. I think if youre seeing someone thats going to be a positive thing to see you thru coming off the meds so carefully time your 'exit'.
Good luck in the future

thanks for the insight i'll keep that in mind... how much MG were taking before you came off it? I'm on 15 mg.

Hey awesome u have a woman now. REMEMBER can't live with them cannot live without them! HAHAHAHA
The delayed cum thing I am also experiencing but DAMN I have no complaints! It lasts longer and that is a GOOD thing!
I've been away on a week surf safari and it was AMAZING time and break from rut.
Been taking my tab daily and no side effects.

Hi again, I was put on 5mg for the first week and kept on 10mg from Aug 09 till weaning off from beginning of Dec 10. I have some 'good' days and like today despite wonderful sunshine, a groggy day. Head feeling fuzzy, cheeks red and hot, feeling abit stressed etc. As the weeks have progressed there is a slow improvement back to normality. I am sure if you are in a good relationship this will keep your mind occupied and lessen any worries!
best regards

I have traveled to the North looking for prosperity But severe cold and hunger brought me to reality I was hopping to get rich digging gold and silver But I had to sell my body to survive a winter.

thats nice.. enjoy
i wanted to ask that how do u taper down cipralex ?? i mean when should a person reduce when he knows he does not need it anymore..??