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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Forgetting about the pills

I've notice that two times I totally forgot that i'm taking cipralex... almost actually forgot to take the pills, but eventually i remember, but its a good sign, Its like all the side effects are totally gone...

just wanted to share that too :-)



WOW thanks for sharing that! I want to get there! Take the stuff it chills me out and I get on with a normal life. The Doc explained that i need a 6 month min course so it's no quick fix but I'm prepared to put in the work and adjust to the side effects if it's going to chill me out enough to happily cope with what other people take in their stride. I use to get real worked up and angry at the slightest stressful situation. Mostly dealing with people that did stupid things. Thing is everyone messes up most of the time and we all have to accept each others faults and tolerate each other. I was previously not able to do this and would fly off the handle. I could always justify my actions in some way BUT they were way over the top and alienated the people that I care for and care for me most. BIG MISTAKE!

thank you too for sharing that too,
indeed we sometimes can hurt and get hurt for silly things, but the important thing is that we're aware of it, now its only a matter of taking care of business, good luck and take care.

Hey dude i started cipralex about a month ago right now i am.feeling numb and not in a mood anywork but the racing thoughts are gone still how many months for the complete change