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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 83: Another one bites the dust...

Hello again my friends, thanks for caring and visiting my blog again :-) .

Yesterday I had another blind date... which went much better than the previous one, I think I'm getting better at this,

I was a little bit nervous before the date but when I got there I just said to my self lets do this and have fun , and than everything went smoothly and we had really nice time, if you're asking if she's the one...? well not really... but it was a good experience and we had good time and got some practice at dating and communicating with people you don't know which can sometimes be very ...alarming... if you know what i mean...
soon I have another blind date, I will update on it too, however its way easier to deal with this using cipralex, cause you can really deal with the conversation and the other person and not with your anxiety and panic attacks...




Hey! Let us know how things r going!>?
I've adjusted well to the tabs. It's been your experiences and info that has helped me through a lot. Even to identify what is actually going on. More so than what the Dr. told me in the 4 minutes he took to prescribe them to me.

so many things happend lately... I will post very soon, stay tuned...