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Monday, January 31, 2011

96 Days with Cipralex...Feeling much better now...

Hi everybody, I know, I know...I haven't had a chance to post lately...been busy busy busy... but I feel way better now... seems like after I switched from 10 MG to 15 MG there wasn't much of a change at the beginning, but now I feel like there's a big difference...

In the last two weeks, I had another meeting with my doc, had few more dates, went out with friends, build cats condo and playground for my cat and I'm working on my psychology work... that I need to finish it three weeks...

I feel improvement in all aspects of life now, I almost forgot about the anxiety, and honestly I cant remember when was the last panic attack i had... (maybe I should just scroll back to the older posts... lol...)

I'm not depressed any more, and I enjoy life experience and whatever they throw on me...

The bottom line is that things are better, way better now... and I can finally explore myself and the world around me from a positive perspective.

I found a good solution for the alcohol thing, when I go out to pubs I just choose the beer with the lowest alcohol concentrations, that way I can drink freely and it doesn't effect me too much...

The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes its hard to fall a sleep...but hey, that's a small price to pay for what you get...

Well I have another date this week, I'm really into this love thing lately :-).

oh, and I'm singing in the morning sometimes...

OK my friends, thanks for taking the time to read this, take care and I will post another post soon.



Thank you for this. I appreciate it.
It's nice to hear all of your experiences and to get an idea what to expect. It's hard to find stuff because it seems most people who post on boards have had negative experiences...nice to hear that there is another side.

Also nice to hear that you can have some drinks. I don't have and have not in the past had a problem with drinking; however, it bothers me quite a bit that I'm not supposed to drink. I like to, on occasion, go out with the girls and have drinks (more than one or two) and am a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be able to do that. Also, I don't like the idea of having to explain to those who don't know why I'm not drinking.

Just curious - have you noticed a problem with weight gain? Libido? Those are my biggest concerns and am curious about them.

Thanks again!

hi, thanks for your comments, check out the last post its for you ;)

I find that drink has a seriously bad effect on me while taking Cipralex. I get such an intense headache. It feels like my brain is swelling. I could never really drink and my mates know that so they don't think anything is unusual if I drink fruit juice instead.

Hi there.
I have just found your blog, great to read you are doing great on Cipralex. I have been on it for a few years now for anxiety and it's been great. Just recently (I'm on 10mg) I've been getting raised anxiety, I can feel it in my chest, my heart races and my face gets hot and red. Thinking of going onto 15 mg today to curb these feelings - did you find it helped a lot by doing this?
Be great to have some advice.
All best wishes

Hi, I'm glad you found my blog, and you're more than welcome here.
As you probably already know cipralex effects change a little bit from person to person, so I can only share what going to 15 mg from 10 did for me, and for me it made a huge differece, really huge and a good one too. i keep track of my general mood and feelings and lets say I've started from around 4... got to 6 or 7 with 10 mg and now with 15 mg i'm feeling 8.5 which is great. :-) so if you ask me you should go for it, but always consult your doctor first.
Good luck and take care.

I was started off with 10mg and on another script that I have been on for years, is 10 mg a high dose to begin with?

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