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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Peak time of cipralex?

if you have just started with cipralex, you might wonder like me when things will really start to kick in, I can tell you that you'll start feeling a difference after two weeks, at the beginning , lets say first month its more like on and off and sometimes it can be kind of annoying, you might even ask yourself does this thing work at all? does it worth all the side effects?! the answer to both is yes, but it will take at least a month or two until you'll notice things change, but don't expect to just wake up in the morning and be someone else, that wont happen...

What will happen is more gradual thing, slowly you'll notice that things that caused panic attacks and anxiety or depression before will bother you less and less...

I do recommend you keep a diary and write down the changes and the things that stays the same, this is what I do and it sure helps me to keep track of everything that's going on, and don't mess with the pills schedule or amounts, just keep with your plan.

best of luck, and never give up, remember you can and you will over come this.

and its very brave of you to actually do something about the thing that bothers you do I congratulate you on that , job well done.

take care and feel free to comment and ask questions or just share your experiences.



Thanks for that info. I just started today and was wondering what to expect. My doctor did explain that it will be a long process. I thought it could all be sorted in a month max. Hahaha if only it was that simple.

yes it will take a bit more than that... but it does help, best of luck!

Okay, so this response is a few months after your original post. I was just prescribed Cipralex due to severe anxiety, depression and social phobia. They've started me out at 5mg once a day for 1 week, then the next week 10mg once a day, the week after that 15 mgs, until FINALLY 20mgs the week after (make sense? I'm still confused). I've tried basically every anti-depressant under the sun. I gave up on them 2 years ago as it seemed nothing worked. I'm hoping and praying that this time around I get the relief I need. I look forward to reading through your blog to know what to look forward to. I know not everyone reacts the same to medications, but it will be nice to get a general idea of what to expect. Glad you have this blog. :)

Hi Folks,
I just kinda stumbled on here but I thought I would add my two cents to Diskbox's comment.
I am very noticeable to any side effects so it maybe different for you but I couldn't increase my dosage that fast. I am glad my dr trusted me to increase at my own speed.

I started at 5mg for about three weeks and then went to 10mgs. I found that was working pretty good with manageable side effects. I stayed on that amount for about three months and then decided to up it to 15mgs. I haven't been on 15 long enough yet to know if it is making a difference.
I was kinda good with the 10 but I am hoping 15 will be perfect for me. Like I said everybody is different but I think if I had of increased too fast I would have given up because of the side effects.

Diskobox - first of all welcome, secondly you're not alone in this.
I also started with social phobia, anxiety and all the stuff you mentioned. its hard to live like that, its exhausting that every silly little thing becomes a great challenge that depletes your energy totally... i truly understand you.
It can make sense(the jumping from 10 to 20...) if your doc decided that you should take the 20 mg pill, he just wanted to make the transition really fast.

Your post made me tear up. I am taking my first cipralex tonight and I am so scared