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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mind your steps!

As i've mentioned in earlier posts its crucial to notice the small changes and to put them in the spot lights, and lately there were many.

Including: when i walked the street some guys came up to me and wanted to take a photo of me for some project their doing for school, so i agreed , than in a store i had a problem paying with credit card so i had to talk to the bank on the phone, took a lot of time and patience and apparently I kept my coolness or so it seemed to the three girls that were there,

complimented me about that, and later on i felt one of them was kinda hot and maybe i should hit on her or at least try to start a conversation... I will do that tommorow I wonder what will happen... also went out to this show, with some friends, was ok, but in the enterance I kinda flirted a bit with the girl that sold the tickets... it was fun and short...

show was ok too, than we went to drink something and met another girlfriend of one of the girls, she was very shy... i think i managed the situation well, drank two beers was ok.



Thanks for your efforts. I have only started on lexamil today. I'm reading with interest your experience.

you welcome, thanks for your feedback and best of luck with the lexamil