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Friday, December 10, 2010

The first time I felt agoraphobia social anxiety and panic attacks

First time I noticed something is really wrong was went I stepped into a grocery store and all of a sudden felt like I just had to get out of there, The stress levels went up, I started sweating, had problem breathing normally and my heart pounded like mad, I could not communicate with anyone, just the present of other people around me made my body react in the "fight or flight" response... that's what happened, and it was a stupid grocery store...
I felt bad, like I just want to avoid everyone and every place and just hide someplace...
for me that was the first time I felt something is seriously wrong...

Today, with cipralex, I can tell you I can go into places and just get into a "I don't care" mode, and just be myself... I don't know if you call it social phobia, agoraphobia or whatever but I know I just felt bad.,,

Cipralex helps really fast in these kind of situations...

but I had other issues on my mind too...still do...

Agoraphobia is almost gone totally and the anxiety almost gone too, social phobia and panic attacks are much more mild now, and I'm on 10 MG still... My doctor suggested we increase it to 15 MG soon, to see if I can terminate those thing totally...

I sure hope so, I will update you about it too, I hope you can learn and benefit from your loyal Ginny pig here ;)

*This is from wikipedia:
"Agoraphobia (from Greek ἀγορά, "marketplace"; and φόβος/φοβία, -phobia) is an anxiety disorder. Agoraphobia may arise by the fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no perceived easy means of escape. Alternatively, social anxiety problems may also be an underlying cause"

read more here

here's something maybe can explains how someone with panic attacks deals with situations



Greetings : )

Searching on the web or in-store? which often would you prefer? truly wondering lol.. i love in-store since i hate waiting it to come!

Hi and thanks

I have some advice for you if you dont mind, try to think about yourself as silly man when your anxiety wents up. i mean try to think about yourself "hey you idiot, thousands of thousands of millions people have no problem with that, no one die, no one get lost since they are outside, so what is the problem?" say these things to yourself. and mob with yourself try to have fun with that. Swear it, say " you agorofobia, i dont let you take me over control, treat this as idiot"

the level of idiotness of you at the beginining lets say 10,

the level of idiotness of agorafobia at the beginning lets say 1.

At the begining you try to treat yourself as an idiot at outside, "yes i am an idiot, and that's why im scared the hell out because of this."

and gradually try to shift this idiotness to agorafobia itself. This ilness is idiot. So you have nothing to lose.