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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 55 to Day 57 - Meeting with the doctor

Here's a quick review of what's going on...

took the motorcycle from the garage today went fine, had a long conversation with a taxi driver , we end up shaking hands and i think i convinced him to write a book :) lol, after that I had a meeting with my lawyer where i think i demonstrated some alpha, and got my self shiatsu massage too later that day

had meeting with my doc yesterday, was weird waiting in the waiting room , some really weird people were there, Felt like i don't belong, anyways, I've decided together with the doc to increase the dosage from 10mg to 15mg for the next month and see how it goes, the cipralex did good so far, I do feel major improvement, however I want to radicate and terminate the panic attacks and anxiety totally, so we've decided to increase the dosage even thought that it works.



I have been taking Cipralex for over a year now and I get terrible headaches (I have always had them) I often take a tylenol to cure them. i saw in a previous post that you were going to ask the dr is this is alright did you do that? and what did the dr say?

Thanks! I really enjoy reading your blog! :)