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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 54: Cipralex, Wine and Fancy Dinner

Just came back from a fancy restaurant, drank some wine and ate some fancy food with my family, considering all the circumstances its amazing I haven't gave this too much thought like I would do in the (not so far) past,

usually I would think about it before and get into a panic attack worrying about how I would handle it, this time, I just didn't thought about it much, was more focused on the present, I communicated nicely with everyone and with the waitresses and made her laugh too,
it was nice, also started investing more in the way I dress.



So awesome that u r sharing your experience. Simply reading your comments r making me feel better. Nice to know I'm not a freak and alone in this situation. People do not appreciate the little things. Each time we go out and there was no bad experience only good ones we rejoice.

You're right, thanks for the feedback, and no we're not freaks, just bit too aware of everything