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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Day 3 - first steps with cipralex

I've been taking 5 mg cipralex a day, I take it around midnight, Meanwhile I've had some headaches and seems like I really enjoy taking naps...The headaches aren't so bad, I'll continue to take 5 mg until a week will be completed, than I'll increase the dosage to 10 mg. I'll keep posting here, if i'll feel any changes.



I have been taking cipralex for six days allready. But only 1/4 tablet. Tomorrow I will start with 5 mg for one week again and then 10 mg the next week. No I have no side effects, only very vivid dreams.

Starting off with anything less than 10mg is said to be too weak to do much help. When i first started on 10mg, it knocked me out- i fell asleep so fast and i was quite drowsy. this only lasted about a week and now i take it in the mornings. I have had no side effects since the sleepiness in the beginning.

Day 1, 2, 3, and now 4, @ 10mg.

What a ride.

Day 1, I was hyper. Had to take Melatonin to sleep that night. I used to take Elavil at night, but changed to a more natural remedy.

Day 2, 3, Same thing, but not as hyper. More calm. Even dazy at times.

Today.. Took my pill about 1 hour ago, Im expecting something soon. Do I feel better today? Yes. Before Cipralex, I was taking Prozac, I did not go well. Felt awful.

Cipralex castrated me for life. It is a potent castration drug, should not be used on humans.