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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 124: Life Is Beautiful

Its day 124, I feel good, I feel I don't need the pills any more... but i'm still taking them at least for the next couple of months...than we will see.

I now have a girlfriend, I go out alot, I meet new people all the time and I truly enjoy life and not taking everything too seriously.

Panic attacks, anxiety and depression are long gone, some times I don't even remember I had them.

I think I will start working out today. Its been too long.

The bottom line is I feel good, I don't know what life have in store for me, but i'm ok with it :-).

I know my posts became shorter but you know how its like when you're in a relationship.



AWESOME MAN!!! I'm so glad things are working out for you! ABSOLUTELY u have 2 hit the gym! I go regularly and the exercise definitely improves my mood. I always go in the morning and delay taking my tabs till after the workout. I find that they make me feel too chilled out for a real hard workout. I battle to work up the adrenalin if I take them before a workout.

Hey, I don’t want to seem out of line but I was just wondering how old you are? I’m 18 and I started taking cipralex 2 weeks ago, started 5 mg and today I took my first 10 mg so I’ve been reading your blog a lot. It's really reassuring to see your progress.

HEHEHE I'm also curious : How old are you Johny? From your comments I guess u in your 20s. I'm 44 happily married and mostly settled suburban lifestyle. Nothing exciting except for my surfing that I LOVE!
I'm also on 10mg daily and I have settled nicely into the regime now. I don't know of any side effects and am coasting nicely ahead. This was after all my goal. I had bad temper and patience break downs. I could always justify my "FREAK OUTS" but no amount of justification made it any better. Either for me or the people around me. So I started on Cipralex and my wife assures me that I've "chilled out" hugely. She says I'm now 90% of the time the person she thought I actually should be.
I actually like holding on to that 10% FREAK factor. It assures me that people will not dare to fuck with me just cos I'm chilled now!

Hello my friends,
thanks for the feedback, comments and questions :) nice to know someone actually read what i post :), I'm 32 Years old.

Hi, i have tried to start cipralex, but when reach 10 mg had unplesant side efects, very dry lips, mouth and eyes, did you have any of this side effects? Thanks

hi there Nuno, its very common in the first few weeks, its will get better with time, just try to take the pills in the same time everyday and eat in regular times, it will help until this will disappear...
I wouldn't worry about this too much...

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Hi, I am so glad I came across your blog! I just started taking Cipralex yesterday and I've been having a tightning in ,my jaw, nausea, loose bm, and shaking. Right away I thought it was Serotonin Syndrome and was scared to take my second dose, but after reading your blog, I feel quite a bit better knowing that these side effects are natural. Thanks for posting!