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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

Well the last couple of days were something, I've been in lots of places and had just to interact with people here and there, which is still amazing for me because just getting out of the house, not to mention being around people i don't know was "an issue" for me, this time it was easy and kinda fun.

Its almost a week now since i've increased the dosage from 10 mg to 15 mg, and i'm starting to feel the difference, I notice slowly slowly how I become more relaxed in past stressing situations and get this "I dont care" or "bring it on" kind of feeling...I like that.

I've to couple of stragers ,was'nt much of a conversation but still its another step forward just to do it and see that i can do it and stay a live and without a panic attack, that's something.

Cipralex side effects are totally gone now... sometimes I forget I take it...

Some folks asked me about cipralex and sex issues, I promise to post some information about that too, I know it effects and important to many of you...

Another things worth mentioning is that I get kinda bored a lot lately, but I guess its a good thing cause it make wana do stuffs...just need to figure out what...

anyways, take care everybody and comment - its important and gives me an execuse to keep writing.

love you all



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 u ;-) Hope this year is when we blend in with general society more ;-)
Well done with you wins so far!

I'm doing my first real job this morning after starting on Cipralex. Yip I'm a bit nervous but determined to just take it cool. I'm IT support technician.
Your comment about "forgetting" that u even take the stuff is encouraging.

This is a great thing to look for :-) lol to mingle with society a bit more...and it does happen everyday we get closer...

Good luck with new job, I know you'll be just fine, just remember to focus on the outside, and there are many other things you can do to help your self even more, read the older posts... take care now.

Happy new year and I follow your post,take care.

Hi vale, welcome, happy new years and thanks for your comment

First of all, it is SOOOO reassuring to see that i am not alone, thank you all for your comments. I hope you all find peace and contentment as i am determined to not let this ruin my life.
I have been a habitual worrier and suffer from stress and real low points. I saw a psychologist for about 6 months and was getting the better of my inner demons, but slowly i lost faith in what he had taught me (my fault) and eventually i went to doctor and explained that i am exhausted with all this worry, stress, feelings of worthlessness etc and they perscribed Cipralex. I started today and perhaps its psychological, but i do feel a 'little' better. I truly hope to find the answer. I have a wonderful family and 3 beautiful children and i no longer want to be this depressed dad thatneeds constant reassurance in life. As Mark Twain once said 'i spent a great deal of my life worrying about things that never happened'. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement for each other, i can cxertainly use it.

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