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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day or two after increasing the dosage

Started the 15 MG today, lets see how it goes...
I'm also invited to a barbecue at friends place - was fun and went very well, I actually had fun and had some nice conversations with people.

Bought a new jacket and some awesome shirts, also went out to the beach, visited a restaurant, chat with the waitress went ok, than met a friend on the way home, invited her over with her boyfriend, sat and chatted for a while, than went out to see this show with friends was nice too.



Hi Johnny, I am day 5 on 20mg of Cipralex, I have been on 10 mg for 3 months, then increased my dose. Funny thing happended today, I was typing at work then stopped in mid paragraph and noticed my palms were really sweaty lol...signs of my buddy Cipralex making itself known. Slowly begining to numb out again, feel so good, so very good, knowing that in a few days I wont give 2 shits about the assholes in my life. I am tired of all the petty Baby Boomer BS I face at work day in and day out. As I too work in a executive job. Except I am the younger cat in the litter box, lol... So if it means sweaty palms, fatigue, loss of appitite, then I am all for it!